About us

The company

The founder of Tours Valencia, the Dutch Roos Oudemans, has been living in Valencia since November 2008. In Valencia she found out that certain information in tour guides was not correct and that some restaurants were even closed. Because of this, Roos decided to start a website that gives a lot of useful information that can be updated easily. This happened in 2009 with the foundation of the website.

After living in Valencia for five months, Roos discovered a cosy district. This was the area where locals came to have a drink or to grab a bite. After this the idea was born to inform travellers about the authentic, cosy tapas bars where Valencian people love to go as well.
The tapas tour was a huge success. Shortly after, more tours were added to Tours Valencia, like workshops and excursions. In 2011 Roos Oudemans became an official guide in the Comunidad Valencia, i.e. the region of Valencia.

Roos during tour

Tours Valencia

Tours Valencia is the international name for the Dutch “Verrassend Valencia”. It means something like Surprising Valencia, because the city always surprises. Tours Valencia would like you to discover the city with us. With several tours and activities we will let you experience the surprises of Valencia.

Tours Valencia works with local entrepreneurs, like restaurant owners, bus companies, cycling companies, hotels, guides and many more. With our activities you don’t just get introduced to the city, but also to locals, traditions, habitats, monuments, museum and other Valencian highlights. At the same time you will be stimulating the employment in this beautiful city.

Personal goal

To show, taste and smell the versatile authentic Valencia to travellers… All in all, to experience this wonderful city!

Tours Valencia is about?

– Enthusiasm;
– Spontaneity;
– Personal;
– Energetic;
– Hospitable.

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