Flamenco performance

Are you planning to visit Valencia and would you like to see a Spanish Flamenco performance ? There are various bars/restaurants/cafés where you are able to enjoy a Flamenco show.

Flamenco in Valencia

Originally Flamenco comes from the south of Spain, from the region Andalusía, but also in Valencia it is possible to see an impressive flamenco performance at several places. A Flamenco show can consist of sing, dance, guitar music and/or clapping. Also other instruments can lead a Flamenco show like piano, flute or violin. There are many different types of Flamenco and the most important aspect is the expression emotions.

 flamenco performance


Every Tuesday evening you can enjoy a Flamenco show in Radiocity.

Time: 23.00 hour
Price: €7,00 (one drink included)
Address: Calle de Santa Teresa, 19

La Bulería
Besides a Flamenco show, you can also enjoy a dinner every Friday and Saturday.


– Dinner starts at 21.00
– Flamenco show starts at 23.00

– Menu “Tapas” + Flamenco performance € 35,00
– Menu “Paella” + Flamenco performance € 40,00
– Menu “Bulería” + Flamenco performance € 47,00
– Consumption + Flamenco performance € 29,00

Calle Obispo Jaime Pérez 24

Café del Duende
In café del Duende you can enjoy a Flamenco performance every Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays. The most artists are from Valencia, but sometimes you will find artists from other places. Café del Duende opens at 22.00.

Time: Flamenco performances at Thursday, Friday and Saturday often start at 23.30. For the actual program you can have a look on their website.
Price: Free entrance.
Calle Turia 62

Do you want to learn the Flamenco dance yourself? Once Upon a Bike organizes a Flamenco workshop! Look at this page to read more or to sign yourself in for the activity!

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