Little Spanish Kitchen

Take a look into a real Valencian kitchen and prepare a Valencian or Spanish dish together with a local. An absolute unique cooking experience!

The idea

The idea ‘Little Spanish Kitchen’ was originated because many people in Valencia are suffering from the financial crisis. A lot of young people are unemployed, people are forced to work part time, entrepreneurs don’t get enough orders and finding a job is almost impossible. That is why we asked Valencian people who love to cook if they would like to share their secret family recipes and join ‘Little Spanish Kitchen’.

Meet our chefs

Victoria (38 year) is a very creative graphic designer who loves cooking. Her whole family loves to cook; therefore she has learned cooking when she was a young girl. Victoria’s cooking skills are influenced by her parents who are from different regions in Spain. This is the reason why she doesn’t only know the traditional Valencian dishes but also traditional dishes from other regions of Spain. Moreover Victoria loves Flamenco music, art and in her house you will find several vintage objects. Although Victoria is still trying to improve her English, she will be able to explain herself with her enthusiasm and passion for cooking. Dishes:
– Fideos Arrojessats (typical Valencia dish that looks like paella, but pasta is use instead of rice);
– Several tapas;
– Tortilla de patatas + Costillas de Cerdo al horno con vino blanco (traditional potato omelet and an oven dish with Spanish spareribs in White wine)
– Arroz al horno (traditional oven dish with rice)

Little Spanish Kitchen


– Learn how to cook traditional Valencian or Spanish dishes;
– Take a look into the life and the kitchen of a local;
– Gain a unique cooking experience;
– The locals who join ‘Little Spanish Kitchen’ will be happy with the extra income.


We will send you the exact meeting point as soon as you have made your booking.


Starting time: depends on your preferences and availability.
Duration: 2,5 hours.


The price depends on the number of participants, the dishes you would like to prepare and whether you would like to visit the market or not. If you are interested you can contact Once Upon a Bike for the possibilities.


– Minimum number of participants is two people, the maximum is six;
– Groups can also book this tour; you will be divided in smaller groups with different chefs.
– Would you like to buy the ingredients? This is possible; the duration will be 3,5 hours. Contact Once Upon a Bike for more information about the possibilities;
– Would you like to make a specific Valencian or Spanish dish with one of our chefs? Contact Once Upon a Bike for more information about the possibilities.

How to book ‘Little Spanish Kitchen’

Phone: (0034) 644384403
Contact form;

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