Lladró factory visit

Expressions, the little details, in short the beautiful and unique pieces of the Lladró statues are something different and made nearby Valencia. If you would like to get an idea of how these statues are made, then a tour to the Lladró factory can be recommended!

Lladró factory

Besides oranges and paella, the region Valencia is also well known for its porcelain. The company Lladróhas been producing porcelain figures for many years and are being sold throughout the whole world. The only factory of the company is located in Tavernes Blanques, a small town just outside the city of Valencia. It’s possible to visit the factory and get an idea of this incredible place.

History of Lladró

The threebrothers Juan, José and Vicente have established the company Lladró in 1953, in the village Almàssera nearby Valencia. In the beginning the brothers only designed vases and cans and just three years after the establishment of the company they started with porcelain figures. In 1958 the company moved to the village Tavernes Blanques and the factory started to expand. Nowadays there are more than 1000 artists working for the Lladró company.

Nice to know

– The porcelain statues of Lladró can be seen also in American series as Will and Grace (season seven, episode twelve), The Sopranos (season four, episode six) and The Nanny (season five, episode five);
– Are you looking for a specific Lladró piece? Lladró sometimes changes the names of the statues due to translations for different markets.
– The biggest and most complex statue that Lladro has ever made is the ‘Queen of the Nile’. This statue is 160 centimeters tall and costs € 120.000,-. In the shop of the fabric you will be able to see this piece of art.
– Are you a Lladró collector? In every city and every country there are also a few unique pieces which can be only bought in that specific city or country. For example, the Flamenco dancer can be only bought in Spain and the ‘Fallera with the oranges’ only in Valencia.
– Do you see a piece you would really like to have at home in the Lladró shop in Valencia but are not able to take it with you? Lladró can ship statues!
– Are you arriving by cruise ship? An enthusiastic English speaking guide can meet you at the cruise terminal and can take you to the Lladró factory. If you would like to the guide could afterwards show you around in Valencia. We personalize our private tours regarding to your wishes and ideas.

General information


Starting time: please contact Once Upon a Bike for the possibilities
Duration: approximately 1,5 hours (excluding traveling time of 30 minutes in total)


Activity: Lladró visit
The price of this visit depends, among others, on the number of persons and if the visit would be part of a private tour through the city Valencia.
Including: private official enthusiastic English speaking guide + visit (the visit in the factory is for free)

– An idea would be to combine a visit to the Lladró factory with a private tour in Valencia.

How to book a Lladró factory visit with official English speaking guide?
E-mail: info@onceuponabike.com
Telephone: (0034) 644384403

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