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Taxis in Valencia have different price categories: “day”, “afternoon/night” and “outside of the city”. The prices depends on your destination, day and/or moment. The start tariff for “day” is €4,00 and it’s from 7.00 to 22.00 hour. Outside those times it’s “afternoon/night” and then the start tariff is €6,00. The taxi drivers need to have an overview with prices in the car (on the window or back of the seat). In the taxi you will find a counter with the price you have to pay and a screen with the tariff number. You should keep in mind that you will have to pay extra (€4,95) from the airport to the city. Also when you are about to take a taxi from the harbour, you have to pay €2,80 extra. This only counts when you take the taxi from the airport or harbour, and not when you’re going to the two places.


How to get a cab?

You can call a taxi, but it is easier to just raise your hand. You can do this everywhere, but only when it is empty. A taxi is empty when the light above it is green. When it is turned off, the taxi is occupied. There are many taxis in Valencia, so it doesn’t take long to score one in a busy street. It will take you a few minutes at most. Taxi spots are all over the city, for example: Plaza de la Reina, Plaza Ayuntamiento, Plaza Canovas, next to Hotel Neptuno and close to several hotels.

More information

For more information and prices, click here (in Spanish)
Radiotaxi Valencia phone number: (0034) 96 360 33 33


– Taxis in Valencia are quite cheap. It doesn’t make a big difference per person, compared to the metro or bus. Taxis drive all night long, unlike the buses and metros that stop around 11.00.
– A price indication: when you are about to take a taxi from the centre to the beach, it will cost you €7,50 in daytime. In the afternoon this will be €11,00. Keep in mind that taking a taxi with four persons can be a cheaper option than the public transport.

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