Planning to go to Valencia soon? In our Valencia calendar you will find all events and activities that will take place in the city for the upcoming week. This way, you can find out what will happen when you are in Valencia!


Monday 13th of May

20:00 Language exchange (English – Spanish) – Ubik Café
20:00 Official selection screening International Short Film Festival – Radio City
22:30 Hip Hop jamsession – Radio City

Tuesday 14th of May

18:00 Live DJ – La Fabrica de Hielo
20:00 Flamenco singing and guitar performance – Teatre Talia
22:00 Language exchange (English – Spanish) – Upper Club
22:00 Jazz & swing jamsession – Harlem Club
22:30 Flamencoshow – Radio City

Wednesday 15th of May

t.b.d. Antique market ‘El Fabuloso’ – Mercado de Tapineria
20:30 Jam and jazz session – Radio City
21:00 Jam club – La Fabrica de Hielo
21:30 Rythm & Blues performance – Loco Club
22:30 Reggae jamsession – Radio City
23:55 Jamsession – Black Note Club

Thursday 16th of May

19:00 Filmfestival pre-party with music – Convent Carmen
19:30 Literary presentation ‘Girls from Today’ – La Fabrica de Hielo
21:00 National symphonic orchestra from Cuba – Palau de la Música
22:30 Flamencoshow – Cafe del Duende
22:30 Jazz and tapas performance of Spydo Duo – Jimmy Glass Jazz
22:30 Funk Time! – Radio City
23:00 Tribute to The Rolling Stones – Black Note Club

Friday 17th of May

17:00 Live DJ – La Fabrica de Hielo
19:30 Jazz performance – Black Note Club
19:00 Días de Campo 2019 – TheBasement
19:30 Language exchange (English – Spanish) – Café ArtySana
20:00 Live music concert by Berklee students – Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
22:00 90’s party – Rock City
22:30 Jazz & Tapas – Jimmy Glass Jazz
22:30 Daniel Romano (country/ folk rock – Loco Club
23:00 Flamencoshow – Cafe del Duende

Saturday 18th of may

00:00 – 23:59 Días de Campo 2019 – TheBasement
11:00 Second hand market – Las Naves
11:00 Spring party – Jardin De Los Viveros
11:30 Mini-concert – at the pergola in the harbor
20:00 Live music – La Fabrica de Hielo
20:00 Soccer game: Levante UD – Atlético Madrid
21:00 Subno Festival – Palau Alameda
22:30 Jazz & Tapas – Jimmy Glass Jazz
23:00 Flamencoshow – Cafe del Duende

Sunday 19th of May

00:00 – 23:59 Días de Campo 2019 – TheBasement
10:00 8 km running competition – Start/finish near the flowerbridge over the Turia parc
11:00 Spring party – Jardin De Los Viveros
11:00 Disco fair with vinyl record market – Loco Club
12:00 Kids/ family concert (Michael Jackson) – La Rambleta
20:00 Art and music – La Fabrica de Hielo
20:00 Flamencoshow – Cafe del Duende

Upcoming events

Now until Juli 7th – Harry Potter exhibition – Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe
After the Harry Potter exhibition was a grand succes in Madrid it will now move to Valencia! In Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe beautiful buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences you will see all the cool and original objects exhibited. They have all been used for the well-known Harry Potter movies.

May 24th until May 26th – Palo Market Festival 2019 – Palo Market
The parc ‘Jardines De Viveros’ is going to be transferred in a festival terrain. Around 120 expositions will be held, 26 food trucks will gather in the parc and the expectation is that there will be over 60.000 visitors. This artsy festival is full of creative exhibitions, all types of bands and market places, so there will be enough entertainment to choose from.

May 31st until June 2nd – Yoga Festival – Big Yoga
Time to change your perspectives! Yoga Festival offers a wide range of workshops and masterclasses to train your body and soul. Furthermore, during the festival you can enjoy nice food from foodtrucks all over the festival, while listening to a variety of music genres in the background. 

May 30th until June 30th – KOOZA show – Cirque du Soleil 
Are you up for an amazing show? The KOOZA show is full of acrobatics, clown acts and performances that take your breath away. The Cirque du Soleil crew experiments with gravity and will make the audience feel fear and sensations. All in all, it will be an evening full of entertainment and surprises. 

June 29th and June 30th – Design Market – La Marina de Valencia
In the summer edition of the Mercado Diseño you can explore the work of upcoming designers all weekend. There will be good music, innovative designs, and you will be inspired by exposition of the work of over 80 independent designers. The market will be held at the port of Valencia.

July 6th – Love U Ninety’s party – Marina de Valencia
Prepare yourself to dance all night at the big music festival Love U Ninety’s! You can enjoy the best musical ‘golden oldies’ hits in the port Marina de Valencia. 

July 21st – 4 Ever Valencia Festival – 4evervalenciafest 
The second edition of Valencia 4 Ever Fest will take place this year. This festival offers a variety of music styles and a lot of big names were present in 2018. The artists ‘Tears for Fears’ and ‘Keane’ are already confirmed for this years’ festival. 


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