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The Babboe cargo bike is great bike to move yourself and your family around in Valencia. Your children will be very happy in this bike when you take them to school. The bike has a cool and practical design with a great quality. Book an appointment through our contact form or come by in our shop in Calle Cuba 34 in Valencia for a testride with your family.

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About Babboe cargo bikes

Babboe is a Dutch company specialised in cargo bikes since 2005. The materials used for their cargo bikes are sustainable and from a very high quality. This way you can enjoy your cargo bike for a very long time. Besides that’s there’s a 5-year warranty against material and/or manufacturing defects.

With the design of the cargo bikes, both parents and children are always kept in mind. The bikes are super comfortable for the kids, but also for the parent who was to ride the bike.


Safety first! The Babboe cargo bikes are designed in a way where a safe drive is guaranteed every single time. The wooden container is high enough so that children can’t fall out. Also there are no loose parts that your kids can reach. Of course all the bikes have seat belts for the kids and the brakes are designed to use safely and comfortable.


At least as important according to Babboe is the please of using the bike. A big plus of this bike is that your children are in front of you, so you can see them and chat with them during the ride. The container is very spacious, so there is even room for some friends, the dog, the groceries or some toys!


No gasoline needed! By using a cargo bike, you help to make the world a better place. Besides that, the bikes are made of sustainable materials and they can last a very long time!


Obviously the cargo bike is a great way to transport your children to school, sports or friends. Buying a cargo bike as a business has a lot of benefits as well. In a busy city it’s hard to find a parking spot for your car, so a cargo bike is a great solution! The costs of purchase and maintenance are a lot lower than with a car for example. Probably the travel time in a city will be shorter with the cargo bike ánd you can get to places where you can’t come with your car!


Are you interested in buying a cargo bike, but would you like to take a testride before? We have the Babboe Curve-E, Babboe City-E and Babboe Big-E that you can try out for free. It’s very important to make an appointment for the testride. You can easily make the appointment by sending a WhatsApp text to +34 691928943.

Different models and prices

There’s a lot of different models to choose from. We would love to help you choose the most suitable one for you. Below we listed some of the most populair models.

Babboe Big-E – Entry-level model

This was Babboe’s very first model. It’s a robust and very spacious cargo bike that fits up to four kids! Besides that, this is one of the most economic ones. The benches can go up, so you could also take big groceries with you.

  • Stabile and specious
  • Economic price
  • Comfortable biking with electric pedal support

Price: from €2.699

Babboe Curve-E – Extra comfort

The Babboe Curve-E is the perfect option if you want to go for extra comfort. It’s a very stable bike with a beautiful design. The bike fits four children and ofcourse you add extra options just ass a sunroof or a seat for babies.

  • Big container that fits four kids
  • Very stable
  • Luxurious and comfortable design
  • Electric pedal support with eight gears

Price: from €3.349

Babboe City-E – Small and flexible

The Babboe City-E is an electronic cargo bike with two wheels. Because of the two wheels, the steering mechanism works the same as with a regular bike. This makes this bicycle very flexible. Because of that this is the perfect bike for a busy city and small bike lanes. It’s also ideal for longer rides, because of the sporty model.

  • Works as normal bike
  • Sporty model
  • Ideal for busy cities and longer dinstances
  • Electric pedal support
  • Fits four children

Price: from €3.149

Babboe Transporter – Freight transport

The Babboe Transporter is perfect for companies! It’s a very firm and balanced cargo bike with three wheels for extra comfort. It’s super ideal to transport packages or goods. The container has a lock and can carry up to 100 kg! Besides that, there is enough space on the sides and on top to put the logo of your company.

  • Designed for the transport of packages
  • Sustainable way of transport for your company
  • You don’t have to worry about traffic jams
  • Very spacious container

Price: From €2.396

Babboe offers a lot of different models, you can choose between electric or non electric. You can see all the different models on the website. Shipping cots are usually between €200-€300.

Buying process

Are you interested, but would you like to know more about the buying process? We will explain it to you!

  1. You contact us through the contactform below;
  2. We will have a look together to select the most fitting cargo bike and accessories. You can already have a look for at Babboe’s website;
  3. If you want, you can come try out of of our cargo bikes for free (in our shop in Valencia). The models we have are the Curve-E, Big-E and City-E (under aproval of availability);
  4. We will send you an invoice for your products and once we received the payment, we will order the bike for you. The delivery costs are usually between €200-€300, the delivery time depends on the model;
  5. Waiting… (delivery time depends on the model and the season);
  6. The cargo bike will be delivered at your house or in our shop if that has your preference.


The cargo bike will be delivered mounted and ready to use. If there’s any problems, you can reach us seven days a week. We will contact Babboe and together we will try to find a solution.


Address and opening hours

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Monday – Sunday: 9:30 – 14:00h and 16:30 – 20:00h



Contact us for the prices, testride or if you have any further questions!


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