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City Centre Walking Route

City Centre Walking Route

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Get to know Valencia with our City Centre Walking Route. For only € 7,50 you’ll see more of Valencia than you would, just by yourself. We’ll provide the information, tips and spots and you’ll go there. Sip from a sangria in the sun at a nice terrace, discover amazing buildings like the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and so much more you will see, discover, taste in Valencia.

€7,50 (including VAT)
After payment the route is downloadable via the website and you will get an email with the download link to the route.

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19 november 15

Purchased this route to explore the city together with my friends and it was great! It contained interesting information on sights and a lot of great tips for lovely restaurants and bars (we stumbled upon a beautiful terrace in the sun and enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue the route the next day). I don’t think we would’ve seen nearly as much of Valencia if we didn’t have this document!

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