If you visit Spain, you will probably get a taste of huge variety great Spanish tapas you can find in different regions in Spain. These days it is in various countries even possible to enjoy tapas in Spanish restaurants or buy Spanish tapas in the supermarket. On the internet you can find thousands of recipes so that you can make your own Spanish tapas at home.

The regions in Spain are well known for different specialties due to their location. Regions that are located near the coast use more seafood in their tapas than regions that are located more inland, but a large variety of tapas you can find in many places Spain.

The origin of Spanish Tapas

Many different stories exist about the origin of the Spanish tapas. Some people say that tapas used to be given to soldiers during the civil war so that they didn’t got drunk and annoying. Others say that tapas used to serve to put on top of your glass to make sure no insects could fly into your drink. According to another story, King Alfonso the Wise recovered after an illness from drinking wine with small dishes between different meals. He gave the order to bar owners that they all should serve some small snacks with a wine.

Tapas Bars in Valencia

When you are going to visit Spain, the one thing that you have to try are the Spanish Tapas. But where do you have to go? Below you can find some tips!

Tanto Monta

A little bit out of the city centre you can find Tanto Monta. A highly recommended tapas bar! The bar has a typical Spanish decoration with wooden tables and seats. It’s a very busy and well-known tapas bar in the neighbourhood Algiros. They have a great selection of montaditos (small snack on bread) which all taste delicious. If you like fish then the montadito with squid is highly recommended. If you don’t like fish then the montadito with goat cheese is highly recommended. And not to mention, the waiter is very friendly! It’s always very busy, definitely in the weekends, so make sure that you come on time to find a free table. Unfortunately it’s not possible to make a reservation.

Poeta Artola 19
46021 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 19.00 – 1.00

Maria mandiles

Maria Mandiles is a very good tapas restaurant located in three different places in Valencia. When you enter in one of their restaurants it’s like you enter in your grandma’s house. Pink walls with crocheted doilies. You can begin the night with some ‘montaditos’ (small sandwich) for €2,50 and a salad. The goat cheese salad is highly recommended. After you can take some tapas like the delicious calamares.

Location 1
Calle Padre Huérfanos 2
46003 Valencia

Location 2
Plaza de Manises 2
46003 Valencia

Location 3
Calle Cura Femenía 17
46004 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday from: 9.00 – 00.00

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