Las Fallas

Las Fallas in Valencia. A street festival that you cannot miss when you are in Valencia in march! A mixture of enormous works of art on the corner of every street, men and women dressed in beautiful traditional clothes, a lot (and we mean A LOT) of fireworks, paella contests in the streets and parties all night long. Las Fallas is definitely a once upon a lifetime event to experience yourself!

Dream away during Las Fallas in 2019

Every year Las Fallas starts the last Sunday in February. The major of Valencia, the fallera mayor (‘the queen of Las Fallas’) and the fallera mayor infantil (‘the princess of Las Fallas’) give the official starting signal during ‘La Crida’. Of course there will be fireworks as well! In 2019 La Crida will be on the 24th of February.

Then there will be three weeks of festivities, with peaks during the weekends and between the 15th and 19th of March when all the gigantic pieces (‘fallas’) see daylight. The perfect time for a stroll through the streets to watch this amazing art.

Las Fallas officially ends during ‘La Crema’, in the night of 19 to 20 March. All the beautiful artworks will burn up in flames during San Jose, the traditional holiday of the patron saint of carpenters. La Crema is a great spectacle and also a little bit of an emotional moment for Valencian people as their lovely festival comes to an end!


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There is only one way to experience Las Fallas and that’s to immerse yourself in the festivities. During our Las Fallas tour – between the 14th and 19th of March – an enthusiastic English speaking guide will make sure you have an amazing start of your time in Valencia during Fallas. You will visit a popular neighbourhood during Las Fallas and our guide will tell you more about the beautiful pieces of art you will encounter in the streets. Also we would like you to taste a typical Valencian sweet. But we will keep that a secret for now…Send us an email if you are interested to join our Fallas tour:

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This is what you will encounter during Las Fallas

There is no time for sleep during Las Fallas. From early morning until the middle of the night when it turns morning again: the Valencians do know how to party and celebrate! Let us give you a brief overview what you will encounter during Las Fallas in Valencia.

Rhythmic bangs during la mascleta

From the 1st until the 19th of March there will be a so-called mascleta (sounding fireworks), each day at 14:00 at Plaza Ayuntamiento. The Valencians live for their mascletas! They are very popular, so make sure you are there on time! The mascleta starts with a little bang, but then… the bangs become louder and they follow each other faster and faster. You can hear but even more feel the rhythm in your whole body. An incredible feeling! The mascleta ends with a big bang and after that you will see and hear the Valencian crowd go wild! During the peak – 15th until 19th of March – there will be mascletas in the streets as well, organised by the different Fallas associations. Yes, the firework stores in Valencia are doing good business these days.

Tasty paella and beautiful pieces of (human) art

Don’t worry, the Valencians won’t forget their gastronomy during all the festivities. Besides the loads of food stalls in the streets, you might get a chance to eat a paella with the locals. A lot of Fallas associations organise paella contests or cook paella to share. Ask if you can join them to taste that delicious authentic Valencian paella!

Valencia will be filled with beautiful pieces of art (the fallas). Sometimes one piece costs more than one hundred thousand euros and can be more than twenty meters high. Incredible! But not only the art works are amazing to watch. Sometimes you might feel you are living in a fairytale, because also the locals are beautiful to gaze upon. They dress up in these amazing traditional clothes: men, women and kids! Therefore you can find a lot of stores with lovely fabrics in the city as well.


Music is their first love

A festival in Valencia without music simply doesn’t exist. Valencians love music and parties. A lot of the music festivities will take place at night, in the streets, in the bars or at ‘verbenas’ (the marquees of the Fallas associations). Getting hungry? Get a sweet snack at one of the food stalls in the streets.

Visit Valencia during Las Fallas

There is only one thing left for you to do now: visit Valencia during Las Fallas to experience the biggest street festival of Spain yourself! When you are in Valencia but not in March during the festival itself, you can visit the next musea to get a feel of the festival spirit: Museo Fallero or Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros.



  • March is a popular time to visit Valencia because of Las Fallas. Therefore, book your accommodation in Valencia on time.
  • Do you only have a few days to visit Las Fallas? Make sure you are here the 18th of March, this is the best day and night to experience all the fun!
  • Safety first: there is a chance of fire(works) flying around. Therefore it’s recommended to check where the wind is coming from and to make sure you are not standing in that direction. Also it can be a good idea to wear (sun)glasses. During a mascleta it’s advised to keep your mouth open, so that the pressure of the fireworks don’t affect your ears.

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