Spring in Valencia

The winter months are over and spring is coming. That means that everything is in bloom again, the temperatures are rising and the sun is just as beautiful as always. In Valencia there is plenty to do in spring, despite the occasionally change of temperatures. Do you want to know what the city offers? Then you can read on…


“In Spain the sun always shines and the weather is nice…” Okay, maybe not always but indeed the sun often shines in Valencia, at least about 300 days a year! The temperatures are around eighteen degrees Celsius in spring, and sometimes even higher towards the summer. Sometimes a day of up to even 30 degrees occurs! This is of course a good time to go to the beach and catch a tan. If you are not that lucky you can enjoy the sun on one of the cosy terraces. The nicest terraces can be found in the centre of the city in the El Carmen district, but you can also enjoy a drink in one of the many bars along the beach. If you want to go for full luxury in the sun, Marina Beach Club is the place to be. It is located on the beach and is the ideal place to lounge and enjoy the view over the beach and the boulevard.


Spring means that everything is in bloom. Valencia is known for its beautiful parks, such as the Turia park. This is a park in the middle of Valencia, which runs through the city like a green artery. In the past the Turia park was a river, but today it is drained and you will find beautiful trees, flowers and beautiful bridges. There is even a flower bridge! Pink and red flowers embellish the bridge that connects the city. In this park you can not only walk among the palm trees, but also admire spectacular buildings. The CAC, also called ‘the City of Art and Science’, lies at the end of the Turia park towards the sea. Besides the Turia park, Valencia has many other parks, including the hidden Botanical garden. This old garden dates from 1567 and is owned by ‘Universidad de Valencia’. Formerly this garden was used to grow medicinal plants, but nowadays it is a park where you can admire the 4500 different plants and trees at a small entrance fee. They even have cacti!

The Jardines de Montforte and Jardin de Ayora are also parks that are in full bloom. In all these parks you can enjoy the peace and you can escape from the bustle of the city. Organize your own picnic in the Turia park on a sunny day! You can buy your sandwiches, fruit and fillings at the local supermarkets or you can put together a package at Zummsalads. This is a health bar, where you get all sorts of healthy treats.


Besides the fact that nature starts to bloom, something also blossoms again in the heart of many Valencians. The Fallas is the most important festival of the year for the local people of Valencia. These parties start at the end of February until the end of March. The most important holidays take place from 15 to 19 March. Huge statues are being made all year and presented during the Fallas. In addition, a ‘Fallera Mayor’ is chosen. This is a lady in traditional clothing and the main presenter of the Fallas. In addition there is the ‘Mascleta’, which means bright fireworks. This is very impressive and can be seen daily for about two and a half weeks. The party is known for establishing many friendships, for this party is worked on all year.


Spain is very Catholic and that’s most noticeable in the holidays. For example, Spain celebrates Easter, a memorial of Jesus’ last week alive. For a whole week the Spaniards also celebrate ‘Semana Santa’, which literally means ‘holy week’. This is a week full of processions in which the life of Jesus is re-enacted. These processions can mainly be found in the centre and around the port of Valencia. The brotherhoods that walk these processions have different suits with pointed hats. These often resemble the ‘Ku Klux Klan’, although it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Around town

Would you like to explore the city? Then rent a bike and go on an adventure! At Once Upon a Bike you can already rent a bike for about ten euros. Cycle through the Turia park or along the beach. Maybe you would like to see the city centre… If you do not have such a good sense of direction or do you not want to go out alone? Then join a bike tour. These bike tours take about three hours, where you even get a drink and a tasty surprise!

Going out

Do you have a free day in your schedule? Then go to the ‘L’Oceanogràfic’! This aquarium is part of ‘the City of Art and Science’ and focuses mainly on sea creatures and coastal animals. You can easily stroll through this for several hours and marvel at all the beautiful animals that are housed in this aquarium. The aquarium also has a butterfly and bird garden, a dolphin show and even giant tortoise; a perfect day out on a sunny day. Queuing for a ticket is not your thing? Don’t worry! You can buy your tickets via this link and avoid a queue.

Besides the aquarium there is also the Bioparc. This is a zoo with African fauna and flora. You can admire all kinds of animals here, such as; rhinos, elephants and lions. The difference of this zoo in reference to others is that the animals are not locked up in cages, but have more room to live. The park is divided into different areas and climates that blend into each other.

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