Long Term Bike Rental

With its vast Turia park and many bike lanes, Valencia is the perfect city to cycle from A to B. Are you living in Valencia for a longer period of time and would you like to have your own Once Upon a Time bike? We have got the solution! You can rent your own long term bike in our shop Valencia Tours & Bike Rental now!

Do you prefer to buy a second hand bike? Take a look at this page.

Your ‘own’ bike

Renting a bike for a few days can be fun, though having your own bicycle is even more fun and more important, more convenient! When you’re working, studying or enjoying your free time in Valencia for a longer time, it’s very handy to have a bike. However, searching for a good quality second hand bike can be quite a challenge, not to mention the Spanish language and the costs for a bike including some proper locks. From now on you don’t have to worry about strolling markets to find the perfect bike. Long term bike rental it is! In our Valencia ‘Tours & Bike Rental’ shop in Ruzafa you will find trendy ‘Once Upon a Time’ city bikes of good quality. Each of our bikes got their own name, so there might be a chance you will leave our shop on ‘Cerveza’ or ‘Hola’. The only thing you need to do is to collect the bike so the bike is yours during the rental period!


– English speaking service
– Cheaper than renting a bike for a day/week
– No struggles with full or empty Valenbici stations
– Nice trendy bike with no less than four locks, bell, straps and lights included
– Convenient(you don’t need to search for a second hand bike and you don’t have to sell it a afterwards)

Long term bike rental prices

Price: from € 20,00 per month (depending the bike)
Minimum rental period: 3 months

Optional: repair service

Would you rather come to our shop for reparation of your bike instead of searching a Spanish bicycle repair shop, you might consider choosing a contract including repair service. For reparations like fixing a flat tire, broken lights or a bike chain that has fallen off, you can just bring your long term bike to our shop. We will try to fix the bike on spot or we will give you another long term bike directly. That means immediate service without any waiting time!

Price: € 25,00 for 6 months

Practical information

– Deposit is € 200,00/€ 300,00 per long term bike, depending the model. Payment can be done in cash or with card.
– You will pay the rent of the bike at the end of the period when you bring back the bike.
– When you collect the bike, you only pay the deposit. When you bring the bike back, you will get the deposit back, minus the months of rent for the bike.
– Any possible damage or theft of the long term bike will be settled with the deposit.
– By signing the contract and renting the bike, you agree with the conditions.

Location Bike Rental Shop
Calle Cuba 34
46006 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday: 09.30-14.00h and 16.30-20.00h

Contact details

E-mail: info@onceuponabike.com
Telephone/Whatsapp (within opening hours): +34 691 928 943
Whatsapp (outside opening hours): +34 613 281 461

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