If you are visiting Valencia and you want to know about the buses in Valencia, then you might want to have a look at this page.


Valencia has many bus lines. You can make easily use one of the buses by waiting at the bus stop. At some bus stops you can see how long it takes for a bus to arrive at the bus stop so you know how long you will have to wait for the bus.


You can buy a bus ticket in the bus. Or you could buy a Bonobus card. You can buy this card if you think you will be using the bus more often. You can buy it at a tobacco shop (Tabaco) or at a kiosk (kiosko).


If you buy a ticket in the bus it will costs you € 1,50 each time you take the bus. You can buy a Bobobus card for € 2,-. Then you will have to charge € 8,00 on your card, you can also do this at the tabacco or kiosko. With that € 8,00 you can use the bus ten times. If you know that you are going to use the bus more often, you might consider a Bonobus to save money.

More information about the bus

If you would like to have a map of all the bus lines in Valencia, you could get one, at the tourist information located at:

– VLC Airport;
– Plaza de la Reina;
– Plaza Ayuntamiento;
– Calle La Paz;
– Train station Joaquin Sorolla.

For more information about the buses in Valencia, you could have a look at the website of EMT (the Valencian bus company). You can choose for English in the menu.
If you would like to have more information about the regional buses, then you can have a look at:


– If you see the bus approaching the bus stop, raise your hand so that the driver knows you want him to stop;
– You can use a Bonobus card with more people. For example when you travel with four people, you have to scan the card four times.
– With the Valencia Public Transportation Card you can travel unlimited by bus and metro for three days. It also includes an airport transfer to your hotel. 

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