Feria de Andalucia

Flamenco outfits, Andalusian horses, tapas, sherry… Every year in April or May the Feria de Andalucia takes place in Valencia! Andalusia is a region in the south of Spain, which you will be able to discover right here in Valencia during the seven days of the fair. You can find everything you need to know about Feria de Andalucia, on this page.

In order to get an idea of what Feria de Andalucia would be like, you will find an overview of last year’s festivities of Feria de Andalucia below. Since the dates of the festivities of Feria de Andalucia of 2019 are not known yet, please note that some of the following dates might be incorrect. Check out Federación de Entidades Culturales Andaluzas en Cataluña for up-to-date information. If you are going to visit the Feria and you’re lucky enough, you might see a spontaneously Flamenco performance (besides the program) at the fairgrounds! The music and dance style of Flamenco is said to be originally from Andalusia, however popular throughout most of Spain.


In the Turia park, between el Puente de floras (flower bridge) and el Puente de Calatrava (Calatrava bridge).


Good news, the entrance is free!

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday: till 23.00
Friday: till 1.30
Saturday: till 2.00
Expect it to be busier on the weekends!


Keep in mind that this program might be incorrect for 2018! This is a program from another year to get an idea.

Friday 24 April
21.00 Official opening with a traditional ‘Alumbrao’, switching the lights on at the entrance
21.30 Music performance by ‘Esencia Flamenca’

Saturday 25 April
12.00-14.00 Exposition and performance of horses by ‘Cortijo de la Vega’
16.00-18.30 The fairgrounds will be available for people to ride horses
20.30 Dance performance
21.30 Musical performance from Jaén by ‘Almazara’

Sunday 26 April
11.30-14.00 Exposition of horses by ‘Robles’ & a show with dance performance called “Aires del Mediterráneo”
19.30 Children dance performance

Thursday 30 April
20.30 Dance performance
21.30 Great musical performance by ‘Raices del Sur’

Friday 1 May
12.00-14.00 Exhibition of horses by ‘Hermanos Esteban’
19.30 Flamenco fashion Parade by ‘Las Marismas’
20.30 Dance performance
21.30 Great musical Performance by ‘Revoleo’
22.00 Cena de Sobaquillo, a dinner where everyone brings food to share

Saturday 2 May
12.00 Lunch
16.00-18.30 The fairgrounds will be available for people to ride horses
20.30 Dance performance
21.30 Musical performance by ‘Requiebros’

Sunday 3 May
12.00-13.30 Exhibition of horses by ‘Alma de Vega’ with a show called ‘Arte Ecuestre’
19.30 Lottery of a flamenco outfit and award ceremony for the stands at the fair
20.00 Closing ceremony of the 23rd Feria de Andalucia of Valencia


– Andalusia is known for its sherry. So when you order a glass of white wine, it might taste a bit like sherry. The popular sherry ‘Manzanilla’ might be nice to try when temperatures are high.
– Do you have a beautiful flamenco dress? Don’t be afraid to wear it, especially in the weekend many people walk around in Flamenco outfits.

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