Albufera route

Albufera route

Make an amazing boat trip on the largest lake in Spain, walk/cycle along the rice fields, eat an authentic Valencian paella.. In short: Learn more about the beautiful ‘Albufera’. In the Albufera route you can find all the information about how to get there (because that is not so clearly marked), what you will discover and two routes, one cycle route and one walking route. Buy the route in our shop!

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A nice tour around the Albufera Natural Park is possible with this tourbus! A boat trip is also included to make your day complete. Walk around the paddy fields in the park and learn more about its ricefields. Order your tickets in advance and be assured for a ticket on this bus.



Albufera is a beautiful nature reserve with the largest lake in Spain. Around the lake you will find stunning rice fields. Albufera is located 18 kilometers from Valencia, and definitely worth a visit.
The Albufera route includes:

Cycle route to Albufera

A lovely bike ride along one of the most beautiful beaches of Valencia, through the nature, along the lake and the endpoint of the cycle route is the small village ‘El Palmar’. Besides this you will find clear descriptions and photos of landmarks.

Bike rental

Several bicycle rental shops in Valencia are clearly displayed with some practical tips.

Walking through the village of El Palmar

Even though El Palmar is a small village, it is nice to know where you can find the oldest ‘Barraca’, which paella restaurants are recommended and you will find some more great recommendations. There are many unknown places in this small village which are definitely worth a visit.

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Bus schedules

All information about buses to Albufera, the bus stops, departure times and the costs can be found in the Albufera route.

Taxi Prices

Get an indication of taxi prices to Albufera, you will also get an idea of what you will see and discover during you’re taxi ride to Albufera.

Restaurant suggestions

Both on the road during the cycle route as in El Palmar, you will get a lot of recommendations to ensure that you will be able to enjoy a delicious authentic paella on the lake, surrounded by rice fields or between the dunes.

Fun Facts

‘Do you actually know where the word paella comes from?’ And many more fun facts!


To get an idea of what Barraca’s are, what kind of fish swims in the lake, which animals you can encounter, everything about the cultivation of rice, a bit of history about Albufera and much more.

And … much more fun!

We would like to surprise you!



You might think, the Albufera lake is the largest lake in Spain, how difficult can it be to get there by bus or by bike and all will be well marked. But.. that’s not true! It’s not very easy to get there! In this route you will find clear descriptions and therefore it is very easy to visit Albufera on your own and with friends and family.


This is the most complete document with information about Albufera including a route that is available in English, in Valencia.


The great thing about the route is that you have an indication of how to get there and what the options are but you can make your own decisions while you are on your way, you can always take a look at the route and change your mind. If you would like to stay somewhere for a picnic, to have a break at the beach or if you get hungry and you’re would like to taste a delicious paella, feel free and do whatever you would like to do!


Comprehensive information so that you will get to know how to get there by bike, taxi or public transport. You will find a lot of background information about this beautiful nature reserve, before you leave you can check this out and you will find out which place you really would like to visit and don’t want to miss.


Wherever you are, you can always follow the Albufera route on your iPad, mobile phone or tablet. It is a PDF file, you can open it without using internet. If you prefer to have all the information on paper, you can also print the route.


Because the route is a designed PDF file , we can easily modify the route and we can keep it up-to-date.


Many recommendations to find the best restaurants where you can eat the most delicious paella. Besides the restaurants you will also discover the most beautiful and unknown places which are not very touristic. Furthermore you can find also recommendations about other restaurants and terraces where you can relax, have a drink and buy delicious ice creams.

Attractive design

Unique design, clear map and useful and beautiful pictures.

Fun for young and old

Because of that Albufera is accessible in different ways and there are many bike rental companies where you can hire a tandem, electric bicycles and rear seats, this route is fun for everyone.


€ 7.50


– Download the Adobe Reader app on your phone, open this application and open the document. Now you can open the PDF file and read the route while you’re on your way, without using internet.
– If you choose the cycle route.. Then we recommended to bring a towel + your swimwear (if the weather will be nice), having a break at one of the beautiful beaches is magnificent.
– If you are going to do the cycle route and you do not want to go to a restaurant for eating paella, take some snacks with you in your bike basket, on the way there are nice picnic areas.

How to order the route

You can buy the route in our shop!
1. Order and pay with Credit Card or PayPal:
Once the payment is completed, the route is downloadable via the website and you will get an email with the download link to the route.
2. Order by email or our contact form and pay by bank transfer:

Send an email to and we will send you the bank account number. Once the payment is completed, we will send you the walking route in a PDF file, which can be viewed either on your phone, tablet or iPad. You can also choose to print the walking route.


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    October 12, 2015 17:14

    We had no clue that there were ricefields in Valencia but it was such a nice way to discover this beautiful area and the Valencian paela was great. Thanks

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