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Discover with discount

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Planning to go to Valencia? Then choose for Discount Valencia! Buy 3 routes, get 1 free! Cycle through Valencia (for example the Turia Park or to the City of Arts and Sciences), or walk through different ‘barrios’ (areas) of Valencia. Don’t wait, order now!

– Albufera Route
– Bike Route
– Walking Route City Centre
– Walking Route Ruzafa & Canovas

First € 30
Now € 22,50


10 oktober 15

We loved the route through the city centre and when we followed the route through Ruzafaand canovas we discovered a delicious local pastry shop, since then we had the other days of our stay coffee and cake there. In Palmar we ate a paella with lobster next to the rice fields, not the tradional one, but also very good. In short, all the routes where very helpfull and not touristic.

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