Parking in Valencia

If you go to Valencia by car, it might be useful to know where you can park it. We made a list with parking spots in different areas and neighborhoods. Every area has its own color on the map. That way you can find your perfect parking spot super easily!

Once you parked the car

Is your car parked safe and sound? Then it’s time to discover Valencia! Did you know Valencia is a really good city to discover by bike? You can get anywhere in not too much time and you’re being sporty too! Wondering what else Valencia has to offer? Check the Once upon A Trip travel guide (eBook) for Valencia right here!

List of parking garages in Valencia

All the areas and neighborhoods have their own color in the map, but there are also free parking places in Valencia! You’ll find them under ‘P&R Valencia’ or check the purple parking spots in the map. Are you looking for wheelchair friendly parking garages? Then this app might come in handy!

Parking spots in the city centre (red)

Oeste Parcent
Plaça de Joan de Vila-rasa
46001 Valencia
Price: €5, – per two hours

Plaça de Joan de Vila-rasa
46001 Valencia
Price: €19,30 per day

Plaza de la Reina
Plaza de La Reina
46001 Valencia
Price: €5, – per hour

Parking spots near the train station (green)

Grupo Parkia – San Agustín
Calle de Xàtiva 1
46001 Valencia
Price: €6,40 per two hours

Calle de San Vicente Mártir 83-85
46007 Valencia
Price: €5,60 per two hours

Estación Valencia Nord
Calle Xàtiva 24
46007 Valencia
Price: €6,60 per two hours

Parking AZA, S.L.U Colón
Calle de Cristobal Colon 6
46004 Valencia
Price: €2,25 per two hours

Parking spots in and around Ruzafa/Canovas neighbourhoods (yellow)

Parking AZA S.L.U Ruzafa
Calle de Russafa 16
46004 Valencia
Price: €6, – per two hours

Parking Reino de Valencia
Calle del Mestre Gozalbo
46006 Valencia
Price: €24,75 per day

Mercado de Ruzafa
Plaça del Baró de Cortés
46006 Valencia
Price: €3,70 per two hours

Galeria Jorge Juan
Calle de Jorge Juan 21
46004 Valencia
Price: €2,25 per hour

P&R (purple)

Park and Ride (P&R) means you park your car close to a metro station. Once at the metro station you buy a ticket for metro or bus and start exploring Valencia by walking and using public transportation! Parking is free. The only thing you pay for are the costs for buses and metro. Scroll down for the P&R parking places!

Parking Lys Soiciedad Limitada
Calle del Pintor Martinez Cubells 5
46002 Valencia

Parking Avenida del Oeste
Avenida deI Oeste 36
46001 Valencia

Calle Colón 60
46004 Valencia

Calle del Comte d’Altea 20
46005 Valencia

Tio Vivo De Navidad
Plaza de Ayuntamiento 11013
46002 Valencia

Apacar Feria
Calle d’Eivissa 15
46024 Valencia

Beach area (Grey)

Patacona Valencia
Calle d’Isabel de Villena 159
46011 Valencia

Near parks (blue)

Interparking Glorieta Paz
Plaça Tetuan
46003 Valencia

Parking Severo Ochoa
Calle del Profesor Dr. Severo Ochoa
46010 Valencia


There are several possibilities to find paid parking in the streets of Valencia. Paid parking zones are marked with a blue line. For these spots there is a limited time, very often your not aloud to park your car in a blue zone for more then two hours.


It is possible to park for free in Valencia. At Paseo de la Alameda for example, which runs along the Turia Park. You just have to cross the park and you will be right in the centre of the city. Usually there are some people present at those parking spots who will point you to the free spots to park. They will ask for some money, but you can decide yourself whether you give them something or not.


In the map you can also check gas stations. You can recognize them by the brown coloured gas station signs in the map.


– If you stay in a hotel or apartment in the city it might be a good idea to check beforehand if there are parking spaces available. Some hotels offer a free parking lot to hotel guests.
– When you are looking for a parking space at the streets, remember not to park your car when you see yellow lines. These spaces are reserved for companies and exits. Furthermore you should look out for traffic signs that for example say that you can only park there between certain times.
– Do you want to discover Valencia in a surprising, unique and personal way, with tips from locals? Then you might like our ebook travel guide! Check it here!
– In this page you will find all the parking spaces in the city centre. If you’re looking for a parking spot more outside the centre, or looking for specific parking places such as night parking or wheel chair friendly places, check this website!

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