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Would you like to get to know where you can find the highlights, delicious restaurants, terraces and boutiques in the city centre of Valencia? The City Centre Walking route is a great way to discover the city centre of Valencia! Buy the route in our shop!

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During this walking route you’ll pass several monuments, museums, churches, UNESCO World Heritage Site and an impressive market hall. Besides the well-known sights such as the cathedral, the Mercado Central, La Lonja, Plaza de Toros, you’ll pass the more smaller squares and unknown/small streets. Furthermore, on your way you will pass a lot of nice restaurants and terraces. These are the perfect places for having a drink, lunch or dinner. Thanks to this route you don’t have to miss the unknown spots and surprising details of the city.

Keep in mind that the best time for this walk is between 10.00 and 14.00, boutiques are closed between 14.00 – 17.00 pm. The end point of the route is the Central Market, it closes at 15.00. Another nice option is between 17.00 to 20.00 hour, you can visit the market by yourself at another day.



During the route you do not only get an idea of the highlights in the centre, but also of the pleasant squares, beautiful terraces, special boutiques, tapas bars and more special places which are unknown for most of the tourists.. These places will make your holiday even more enjoyable!

Brief and powerful descriptions

Would you like to know something about the highlights and are you not interested in endless dates, detailed descriptions and art historical facts? During this walking route you will find brief descriptions.


We choose specifically for PDF files because now we are able to adapt the route. Because of this, the information and tips are always up-to-date.

Surprising Tips

During the walk you get a lot of surprising tips. You will discover a lot of good restaurants, gift shops and relaxed terraces. You get to know the city and during the rest of your stay everything is easier to find.





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– The great thing about this route is that you can do everything whenever you want. You can start in the morning and go further a little bit later or at another day. You don´t have to do the whole walking tour in one day.

How can I order the route?

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You can buy the route in our shop and pay with Credit Card or PayPal!
2. Order by email or our contact form and pay by bank transfer:
Send an email to and we will send you the bank account number. Once the payment is completed, we will send you the walking route in a PDF file, which can be viewed either on your phone, tablet or iPad. You can also choose to print the walking route.

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