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Here you find your dealer of choice to buy a classic Dutch bike in Valencia. We offer safe and comfortable bikes of all types.

Our collection features classic-style commuting bikes of the Dutch brand Popal with great value for money. These city bikes are designed and fabricated in order to guarantee the maximum of personal safety and comfort.

You are welcome to come take a look at our Dutch commuting bikes in our shop located at Calle Cuba 34 in the neighborhood Ruzafa in Valencia or to contact us and reserve your bike of choice! These are the authentic Dutch bikes that we have available for you in our shop in Valencia:

Popal Omafiets 28 Basic Bike

Price: 249€

The “Omafiets” is a classic 28-inch bike manufactured in the Netherlands. The steel frame comes sized 50 cm or 57 cm. The bike is black and has LED lights front and back. These bikes have both a hand brake and a foot brake (a.k.a. back pedal brake or coaster brake).

On the bike you will find a carrier, fenders, a chain guard, non-slip pedals, skirt guards, and reflective tires to increase safety. Moreover it includes a bike lock on the back wheel, a bicycle bell and a Dutch-style integrated bike stand which makes parking easier. The seat is very comfortable thanks to the underlying suspension preventing a bumpy ride.

With the Omafiets Basic bike you will enjoy your commute more than ever!


Price: 305€

The Carrier is an excellent classically Dutch commuting bike. The matte black, 28-inch bike comes with an integrated double bike stand and a hand brake (V-brake). It has LED lighting front and back, a front carrier, non-slip pedals and a bicycle bell.

The bike has a bike lock on the back wheel to be able to park it safely. The bike frame is available sized 50cm or 57 cm. This bike has a beautiful and stylish design and is made with strong and durable materials.

The seat is very comfortable thanks to the underlying suspension preventing a bumpy ride.

Popal Montabella N3 Bike

Price: 419€

The Montebella N3 bike is a 28-inch commuting bike manufactured in the Netherlands with high quality materials. The steel frame is 53 cm. It features a foot brake (a.k.a. back pedal brake or coaster brake), three gears (Shimano Nexus) and an integrated bike stand. It has LED lighting on the front and back, non-slip pedals and a classic bike lock on the back wheel.

Its design is both classy and simple. The seat and the handlebars are an elegant brown color.

Commute with style with the Dutch Montebella N3 bike!

Popal Transport Bike

Comprar Bicicleta Holandesa en Valencia Transporte

Price: 379€

The Popal Transport bike features a cheerful surfer design. The wheels measure 28 inches. Its frame of 53 cm makes it a unique and very comfortable bicycle. This women’s bike has a strong and durable build. It includes a front carrier made of aluminum, a bicycle bell and an antitheft device in the handlebars. The bike has a Shimano foot brake (a.k.a. back pedal brake or coaster brake), three gears and an integrated double bike stand. The blue rims are bordered by a reflective line to increase nighttime visibility.

Are you ready to surf the city’s streets with this boho-style Dutch bike?

Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ Bike

Price: 384€

Matte black, classic style Popal bike. Comfortably designed to not overburden your back on long rides. The saddle is wide and fitted with springs to reduce the road’s impact. For your security the bike comes with integrated LED lights, a bicycle bell and brakes on both wheels. It is an excellent bike, reliable and safe for any road. The bike is available with frames of 50 or 57 centimetres. If you want to be able to carry bags, you might want to obtain a bicycle crate in a nice colour on the bike’s front carrier so you can do so comfortably!


Dutch bikes have a great reputation all around the world for their high quality, allowing you to bike with a straight posture, and being easy to ride. The Dutch use bikes daily for their commutes, sports, and so much more. It is a sustainable mode of transportation with a positive impact on nature. Moreover, riding a bike allows you to go anywhere quickly and steer clear of traffic and its nuisances!

Are you thinking about buying a Dutch bike? Then you have come to the right place! In our bike shop in Valencia we have a great variety of Dutch commuting bikes available to give you to an unforgettable biking experience.


Contact us with any doubt you might have! We will be happy to answer your questions and to advise you when you want to purchase one of our classic Dutch bikes!


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