Dining in Valencia

Are you planning to visit Valencia, and would you like to know what the best and most special restaurants of Valencia are according to Tours Valencia? You might want to have a look at the top 5 of most impressive restaurants in Valencia of Tours Valencia.

Tip! Would you like to taste the highest quality of delicacies and some regional Valencian products? An enthusiastic English speaking official guide would like to tell you everything about the local, regional and national gastronomy. Besides seeing and hearing, there will be a lot of tasting! Also if you have other specific culinary wishes, we like to personalize the tours according to your wishes. For more information you can have a look at Private guide Valencia or contact us.

Palace Fesol

Would you like to try a typical Valencian dinner in a restaurant that already exists over 100 years? That is possible at restaurante Palace Fesol. Examples of dishes you can order here are Paella Valenciana, Fideua, Valencian tomatoes with tuna and olive oil, All iPebre de Anguilas (eel in a spicy sauce).

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 13.00-16.00 hour and 20.00-22.00 hour

Calle Hernán Cortés 7
46004 Valencia
Phone: (0034) 963 529 323

Restaurante Cervecería La Principal

Restaurante Cervecería La Principal offers great quality food. It doesn’t matter if you choose the homemade croquets, steak tartar or gambas, all dishes are made of high quality products. Even the “EnsaladillaRusa” (Russian salad), that you can order at many tapas bars is really delicious at this restaurant and worth ordering. If you order the fish in salt, they will get the fish out of the layer of salt next to your table. An advantage of this restaurant is that you can have atapa and a beer at the bar, but you can also have lunch or dinner at one of the tables in the restaurant.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 13.45-16.30 hour and 20.45-23.30 hour
Sunday: closed

Polo y Peyrolon 5
46021 Valencia
Phone: (0034) 963 606 348

Restaurant Vlue Arribar

At restaurant Vlue Arribar, you can not only eat delicious Paella Valenciana, you also have a wide choice of Mediterranean dishes. A great lunch, with a good price quality relation, on a Sunday afternoon can be recommended. You will have a beautiful view over the beach on one side and at the other side over the harbour. If you are lucky, the charming owner of the restaurant (originally a singer) will sing some Frank Sinatra songs for you. In the summer every Sunday afternoon/night, they have a salsa party. Please note that it can be busy at this place, especially in spring, summer, autumn and on Sundays around lunchtime.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 11.30-1.30 hour

Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46024 Valencia
Phone: (0034) 963 449 757

Las Cuevas

You can find this authentic tapas restaurant in the heart of the city centre, located between Plaza de la Virgen and the Torres Serranos. The kind of tapas they offer will be beyond your wildest imagination. However you can of course also order the authentictapas. The ambiance in the restaurant is great, not only inside, but also outside on the terrace.The name Las Cuevas means caves, when you enter the restaurant you will immediately see where the restaurant got its name.

Plaza Cisneros 2 (in front of Samaniego 9)
46003 Valencia
Phone: (0034) 963 917 196


There are various Michelin star restaurants in Valencia, but probably one of the most popular is Restaurant Vertical (maybe good to know: in Spanish you pronounce the name of the restaurant as ‘Bertical’). Besides the delicious food and great wines, you will have a spectacular view over the City of Arts and Sciences.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 13.30-15.30 hour and 20.30-23.30 hour

Calle Luis García Berlanga 19
46023 Valencia
Tel: (0034) 963 303 800


– Reserve a place in a restaurant in advance, so you are sure you will have a table when you want to visit one of the many great restaurants in Valencia.
– Vlue Arriber is nice and busy during the weekend, during lunch and when the sun is out. This place is very quiet when there is bad weather.
– Spanish people dine quite late, usually after 21.00 o’clock.
– Don’t be mistaken: paella is being served during lunch (around 14.00 o’clock).

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