Paella restaurants in Valencia

When you think about Spain and food, mostly paella is one of the dishes that pops up into your mind. In many regions of Spain you can enjoy the typical Spanish dish. You can choose between different kind of paellas, like the one with seafood or the one with rabbit, beans and chicken. This kind of paella originally comes from Valencia. Therefore this typical paella is called ‘Paella Valenciana’. You can read more here about the delicious Spanish dish.

The beginning…

Paella and other typical rice dishes were born when the Moorish introduced typical Paella rice in the eighth century in Valencia. The dish is a perfect union of two Spanish cultures, namely the Romans (the pan) and the Moorish, who brought the rice. There is an old story that tells how the Moorish created the paellas by mixing the left-overs. It is said by some that the name of the dish refers to the Moorish word ‘baqiyah’, which means left-overs. Another story is that paella comes from the Latin word ‘Patella’, which means pan.

Made in Spain

As said before, there are different kinds of paella and so there are several ingredients that can be used to make it. It depends on the region which type of ingredients are used. In the inland people usually use more meat like rabbit, chicken and snails, but nearby sea people use more fish and seafood. The paellas are made in big pans and it depends on the amount of portions how big the pan is.

Let’s try it!

When you are in Valencia, you may not forget to try some of this delicious dish. There are lots of restaurants in or nearby Valencia where you can enjoy the best, authentic paellas. Maybe it is a bit difficult to spot these restaurants, so we give away a few of them, so you can be sure you will try a good one.

Palace Fesol

Palace Fesol is famous by lovers of the Valencian cuisine. Opened in 1909 and it is currently being runned by the fourth generation of the family! They know a lot of the authentic, traditional paellas or other rice dishes and quality is the basic principle here. Tradition and presentation are very important and you can be sure you will try a very good paella in here.

Calle de Hernán Cortés 7
46004 Valencia

¡Good to know! The preparation of a paella takes approximately 45 minutes. So take your time!

Vlue Arribar

In the heart of the harbor of Valencia, you’ll find Vlue Arribar. This restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy your lunch with a delicious paella after a peaceful walk on the beach of Malvarrosa. There is a big terrace where you can lounge with a cocktail or refreshing beer and in the restaurant you can try a very good, traditional paella. A big variety of ricedishes are on the menu, so you can choose what you want!

Marina Real Juan Carlos I (next to the big building of Veles e Vents)
46024 Valencia

Casa Carmela

Casa Carmela is located nearby the beach of Patacona, where you can enjoy a traditional paella. The paellas are being prepared on a fire, which we really like. Furthermore, you can take a look in the (open) kitchen! There is a very nice, small garden where you can enjoy the food. Casa Carmela is famous for their paellas, so we can really recommend this one!

Isabel de Villena 155
46011 Valencia

Learn how to make paella by yourself!

Do you want to learn how you can make an authentic “Paella Valenciana” by yourself? Then you might be interested in a “Paella Valenciana workshop” in Valencia! Click on Paella workshop in Valencia for more information.

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