Corpus Christi

Every year this Catholic holiday is celebrated on a different day. In 2019 it is celebrated on the 20th of June. On this page you can find more information about this holiday.


The Latin word ‘Corpus Christi’ means ‘body of Christ’. Corpus Christi is a celebration of the catholic church. They celebrate that Jesus Christ offers his body in the shape of bread and wine to religious people. The bread represents the body of Jesus and the wine represents the blood that Jesus has sacrificed for the people. This feast is celebrated on the second Sunday after Pentecost.

Corps christi


There are also two processions that take place on this day. The procession Cabalgata del Convite takes place in the morning. The procession passes through the city centre of Valencia. It will start at 12.00 o’clock from Plaza de Manises, hereafter it will pass through Calle Caballeros towards Plaza de la Virgen. At Plaza de la Virgin you will find the cathedral of Valencia. Afterwards it proceeds to Plaza la Reina, trough Calle del Micalet; calle de las Avellanas; Plaza de la Almoina and the proseccion ends at el Palau.

In the afternoon the Procession del Corpus takes place. This procession, like above mentioned procession, passes trough Plaza de la Virgen and calle Cabballeros. Hereafter it goes further towards Plaza del Tossal, Bolsería, la Lonja, calles Maria Cristin, San Vicente and then towards Plaza de la Reina. It finalizes by passing trough calle del Mar, Avellanas ending at el Palau.


If you want to get an impression of the procession, you can watch the video below of the procession in Valencia.

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