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Spanish people love football! Spain has won the European Cup and the World Cup more than one time. Moreover there are many Spanish teams that play in the Champions League. It can be very crowded in bars and pubs in Valencia when their team plays. People are watching the game. There are two football clubs in Valencia; Valencia CF and Levante. Valencia CF is the first club and plays in the Primera Division.



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It all started in the year 1919 when two friends were having a drink. They were talking about how sad it was that Valencia did not have their own football club. Then they decided to start their own football club. The two men were very enthusiastic about the whole idea, and this is how Valencia CF was originated. The first game was played in the Algiros stadium. As the club grew bigger and bigger they decided it was time to build a new stadium. In 1923 the Mestalla stadium was opened. At that time it was the biggest stadium of Spain, it had 17.000 seats.

The football club Valencia CF has won many prices during the years:
– 6 times Champion of the Spanish first division
– 7 times Copa del Rey
– 2 times Spanish Super Cup
– 1 time Europacup II
– 3 times UEFA Cup
– 2 times UEFA Super Cup
– 1 time UEFA Intertoto Cup
– 1 time Worldcup


The symbol of Valencia CF is a black bat. And so it is for the city itself. The outfit is changed every year. Usually the colors red, yellow and blue are used. In 2013-2014 they played in striped shirts with the colors white, black and orange.

The Stadium

The stadium, “Mestalla” has over 55.000 seats. This stadium is very high and steep. So when you sit high in the stadium, you will still have the feeling that you are quite close to the field. They are working on a new stadium, but the building got some delay due to some problems with the budget. The new stadium is called “Nou Mestalla” and it will have 73.000 seats.

Avenida de Sueca
46010 Valencia


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In case you are not traveling in a group there are several ways you to purchase a ticket. The sale starts one week before the game. You can buy a ticket at the ticket booths in the Mestalla stadium, the official shops of FC Valencia and other selling points. At the website of the club you can find a list of selling points. Another possibility is to order tickets online. You can pick up the tickets two hours before the game starts.
We recommend you to buy your ticket at an official store of Valencia CF.

Predicting final score

If you are good at predicting the final score of a football match, you can have a look on the official website of Valencia CF and you could even win money if you guess it right! For more information click on FC Valencia.

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