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When you are on a holiday, it is always nice to check out the latest fashion, trends and summer clothes. Whether you are looking for small boutiques, second-hand shops or the big chains: shopping streets in Valencia are not to be missed! It might be a bit difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. That is why we made you a helpful page with all the important shopping areas.

Carrer de Colón

One of the most striking shopping streets in Valencia definitely is Carrer de Colón. This street is located on the edge of the city centre and has all the well-known clothing stores like H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear and Bershka. Next to clothing stores, you also find stores like Media Market, Footlocker, Rituals and the only Apple store in Valencia on this street. Do you already know the big warehouse El Corte Ingles? You can find three of them at Carrer de Colón!

Even though it is a big shopping street, it is permitted for cars to drive through Carrer de Colón since one side of the street is separated from the other side by a multiple lane road. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a calm pedestrian area with terraces. Terraces can be found in the city centre, located on the left side of the Carrer de Colón or in one of the small streets on the right side of the Carrer de Colón.


A whole different way of shopping can be done in the neighbourhood L’Eixample. Amongst others Ruzafa and Canovas are part of this neighbourhood. In Ruzafa you will find a lot of alternative vintage stores, second hand shops and craft shops. They are all relatively small, unique and have their own story. Visit Carrer de Cádiz, Carrer de Sueca and Carrer del Literat Azorin to see most of the shops in this area. Or visit Madame Mim, the second hand freak shop as they call themselves! You will find this second hand shop in Carrer de Puerto Rico.

In Canovas you will find a lot of luxurious boutiques. Overall, this area is more expensive looking at the shops, buildings and restaurants, but also really beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Here you will find handmade clothes, designer furniture, art galleries and high quality food. Must-visit streets are Carrer de Jorge Juan and Carrer de Cirilo Amorós.

Looking for a place to have a drink or a bite? Take a break at the amazing Mercado de Colón: a market hall with all kinds of bars and restaurants. Here you can taste delicious Valencian drinks like horchata and a Turia beer, best to be combined with a farton and some tapas.

El Carmen

If you want to get lost in the old, small streets of Valencia while shopping, you should visit the neighbourhood El Carmen. This is the oldest part of town and perfect for some shopping time. A lot of the big cities have lost their charm because of all the big chains and warehouses you can find everywhere. Luckily, Valencia has El Carmen where you will mainly find unique, artistic and vintage shops with a different kind of style that you are probably used to. For example, visit Kaif, a clothing store with hand made clothes from Valencia. The sewing shop is behind the shop and through the glass you can even get a glimpse of how the clothes are created!


  • In Valencia a lot of people are taking a siesta. This means that from 14.00 – 17.00 PM the smaller shops in L’Eixample and El Carmen will be closed. If you want to explore all the shopping streets in Valencia in one day, make sure you are at Carrer de Colón during siesta time because all the bigger shops stay open the entire day. Then continue your shopping time after 17.00 PM in one of the other neighbourhoods!
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