One of the highlights of Valencia is the Cathedral. Are you planning to visit Valencia and do you want to visit the Cathedral of Valencia? In the old town you will find this beautiful sight between the two squares ‘Plaza de la Reina’ and ‘Plaza de la Virgen’. These squares have a wide range of nice restaurants, cosy terraces and all kinds of nice shops. The Cathedral exudes the peace between all these crowds. Tours Valencia offers an extensive description of this interesting building and helpful information, opening hours and more.

History of the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Valencia, in Spanish called the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Valencia, is located in the centre of Valencia. The cathedral was probably built between 1238 and 1356 and dedicated to the holy Virgin Mary, where it also owes its name to. Previously the Cathedral was a Roman Forum and later even a mosque. The Cathedral of Valencia has many art treasures, including several paintings by Francisco Goya. The Cathedral is best known as a repository of the Holy Grail. This chalice, which fell apart in 1785, was later restored and has been in Valencia since the 15th century.

Various styles

The Cathedral is built in at least six different architectural styles. The population named it ‘La Seu’, which is actually a nickname for a Spanish bishop. The basic version of “La Seu” was built between 1262 and 1356 and is a special and unusual mix of Romanesque, Baroque, Renaissance, neo-classical and especially gothic styles. The Cathedral consists of 3 entrances, the oldest entrance is in the Roman Style, and then there is the metal in Baroque style and the apostle in Gothic style. The apostle is the entrance of the water tribunal. Every Thursday at 12.00 o’clock they come together to have a meeting related to the watering of the field.

Plaza de la Reina (no nr)
46005 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 10.00-18.30 hour
Sundays and public holidays: 14.00-18.30 hour

€ 7.00 (general rate)
€ 5.50 (children aged 3 – 12, students and 65+)
€ 4.00 (groups accompanied by an official guide)
The prizes include an audio guide in Valencian, Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Japanese or Russian.

El Micalet

The clock tower, El Micalet has been built in 1381. It is actually a bit crazy that the tower is next to a cathedral and is therefore very unique. The style of this tower is baroque, but without any fuss. The tower is about 50 meters high and has 200 stairs that you can climb. From here you have a spectacular view over the city of Valencia.

Opening hours
Summer months (April to October):
Monday to Sunday: 10.00-19.30 hour
Winter months (November to March):
Monday to Sunday: 10.00-18.30 hour
Saturday: 10.00-19.30 hour
Sunday: 10.00-13.00 and 17.30-19.00 hour

€ 2.00 (general rate)
€ 1.50 (groups from 15 people)
€ 1.00 (children up to 12 years, journalists and disabled)


If you want to visit the cathedral, consider whether or not you want to see the whole cathedral. If you only want to get an impression of the cathedral, you can go inside for free and you can see a small part of this building. Would you like to see the entire cathedral with its different chapels and museum? Then buy a ticket.

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