Bike accessories

Are you looking for a sturdy bike lock in Valencia? Or would you like to mount a plastic crate on the front of your bike to carry all your bags and groceries? Or maybe you would like to give your or your kid’s, relative’s or friend’s bike a make-over? Then drop by in our shop to take a look at our useful and beautiful bike accessories!

Bike locks

In Valencia locking your bike matters, or you run the chance of losing it to theft! Whether you want to buy a cheap second-hand bike, or rather a more expensive new one, investing in some bike locks is always a good plan. If you want to buy a quality bike lock you should check whether it has a certification.

ART is a certification for locks which uses a ranking from one to five. One represents locks that are the easiest to break, while five represents the highest preventive value. The higher the preventive value and the lock’s quality, the higher its price often rises. To give you an idea: an ART 2 lock is sufficiently strong to often be covered by all-risk insurance packages in the Netherlands. ART 4 and 5 locks are often used to lock motorbikes and scooters.

In our shop in Ruzafa we sell various types of ring locks, chain locks, cable locks and D-locks, both certified and without certification. The locks we sell are, among others, from the following brands:

  • Axa
  • Simson
  • M-Wave

Bicycle helmets

It is important for kids to be able to ride a bike safely, whether riding their own bicycle or joining an adult. As such a helmet is essential and in Spain even obligatory for children up until 15 years old. Good care should be taken to buy a helmet of good quality. During the hot summer months in Spain naturally wearing a helmet is not ideal, but what if is an awesome helmet turning everybody’s heads? That is why we offer a variety of cool and well-made helmets. These can be decorated with cherries, red stars, white dots on a red background, and so on. They come in different sizes. The helmets are, among others, from the brands:

  • Coconuts
  • Kiddimoto
  • QT Cycle Tech

Bicycle crates

How nice is it to have a handy and fancy bicycle crate on your bike? It is the perfect way to carry your groceries or your bag for a day at the beach! We have got various plastic crates in different sizes and colors, including mint-green, yellow and pink. They are provided by several brands, including:

  • Basil
  • FastRider

Hooodie bicycle crate cover

Now that you have got your bicycle crate installed, you have to make sure you won’t lose anything or have it ruined by an (admittedly rare) downpour! A cover can prevent just that. We have got a trendy bicycle crate cover with a jeans design. Brand:

  • Hooodie

Bicycle seat cover

If you have got a nice saddle on your bike that you would like to protect from rainfall, you can buy a bicycle seat cover. It is a great idea to carry it with you on days when rain has been forecasted. If your bike’s seat is wet due to rain you can just pull over the cover to prevent getting any water into your clothes! A bicycle seat cover is also a nice and original gift idea. We have got several designs, including sunflowers, a newspaper look, a red cover with white dots, or a pinky one covered with white dots. We offer bicycle seat covers from various brands in our shop in Ruzafa:

  • M-Wave
  • Free and Easy

Bike decoration

We offer various cool bike accessories you can use to give your kid’s bike a lovely personalized look! Imagine decorating the wheels’ spokes with star, heart, moon, fish and butterfly figures, or having a trendy and unique bicycle bell! Some of the bicycle bells we offer even light up! They come in various sizes, shapes and colors, such as bright orange, animal-shaped or decorated with flowers. And what about adding a string of colored flowers to the handlebars? Different brands include:

  • Bell
  • Basil
  • Lynx

Bike repair

There you are, basking in the Valencian sun while riding your bike, and suddenly disaster strikes: a flat tire! Annoying of course, but it happens… Especially when you have decided to take a longer ride on your bicycle, it might be a good idea to take precautions. One of these can be a spray canister with a tire sealant spray you can spray into the damaged tire which temporarily closes off the puncture. This way you have the opportunity to ride your bike back home or to a bicycle repair shop. Another option is to buy a small repair kit in order to fix the flat tire yourself. We have got different brands of repair kits and tire sealant sprays available:

  • Simson
  • Urban Proof
  • Super Help
  • Rema Tip Top

Backrest and footrests

If your kids are a bit older they might not fit anymore into the regular kid’s seat on the back of your bike. If you don’t want them to ride their own bike just yet, a backrest and footrests for your bike can be great idea! Our backrests include a nice and soft mini-pillow to make sitting on the back of the bike just that extra bit more comfortable. And these backrest and footrests also come in cool jeans design or in black with white stars. Brands:

  • Hooodie
  • Dresco

Good to know

Are you looking for inner tubes for your mountain bike, new pedals, bungee cords, or a small bag to fix to your mountain bike to support, show and protect your phone (for example so you can follow a route) or are you looking for any other accessory for your bike? Please feel free to come by our shop or to send us an email to ask if we have a certain product available!


  • Are you looking for a certain bike accessory but you have no idea where to buy it? Ask us about the possibilities and prices so we might be able to order it for you.
  • Do you have Spanish or international friends in Valencia? Then typically Dutch bike accessories might be a fun and unique gift for them! Think about decorative flowers, a bicycle seat cover with a sunflower design, or for kids, decorations for their bike’s spokes or handlebars!

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