New Years Eve

5, 4, 3, 2 … HAPPY NEW YEAR! Planning on celebrating New Years Eve in Valencia this year? Good to know is that the Valencian people have a lot of traditions during this evening. More information about these traditions, parties and activities, see this page.

Nochevieja (New Years Eve) is a family party. Most of the Valencian people eat with their family and celebrate together. There are also a lot of parties in the city for the younger people.


In Valencia they have a lot of traditions during New Years Eve. The traditions bring them luck and health during the next year.

Lucky underwear

To have a lovingly new year, the Spanish people say you have to wear red underwear during New Years Eve. The red underwear will give you love in the following year. And for women, also the bra has to be red. In the Middle Ages red was the devil’s colour, but also for vitality during the severe winters. The red underwear had to be hidden, because nobody wanted to be compared with the devil.

Las uvas de la suerte, the 12 grapes

In every Mercado (supermarket) you will find them… bags with exactly twelve grapes. On New Years Eve the Valencian people have the tradition to eat a grape when the clock hits 12.00. They eat a grape every time the clock strikes. This tradition started in 1909-1910. This year the small village Viñalopó in Alicante had this year a great grapes harvest. Because of the good harvest that year they decided to share the grapes on New Years Eve with people to give them luck in the next year. Every grape is for each month in the next year. Normally the harvest is in September/October, but because they grapes are packed while there on the bush they can postpone it till November/December.

Golden Champaign

The Spanish people really want to be lucky in the new year, because they also have the tradition to put a golden ring in their Champaign on New Years Eve. They say that you will attract luck in the next year. But be careful that you don’t swallow the ring and choke.

Sportive end of the year

Every year on the 30th of December you can run along with the San Silvestre run. This running competition has been organized since 1983. The run is 5,3 kilometres and goes through the historic centre of Valencia. Everyone can join this competition and it is tradition to dress up. So wear your craziest outfit and run along.

Clubs, bars

Partying till the morning during your New Years Eve, you are in the right place in Valencia. Spanish people like to party and also on New Years Eve there are a lot of parties. Most of the bars and clubs organize a party during Nochevieja. Want to know which clubs are open? Check the App XCEED. You will see every party and you can buy tickets via this App. Since a couple of years there have also been a party on Plaza Ayuntamiento, including a firework show and DJs. Also, good to know is that this is the only firework you will see. Valencian people like firework all year long, but on New Years Eve they don’t have it.

1st of January

After you have slept for a while, you probably want to spend this day in the city. A lot of stores are closed on this day, but most of the restaurants have a New Years menu. Some of the restaurants are very popular so make sure you make a reservation.

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