Are you going on holiday to Valencia and wondering what will be the best way to get around? On this page you will find more information and transport tips on how to travel in and around the city.

Airport Valencia

It takes approximately twenty minutes to get from the airport to the city centre. Would you like to know what the best way to do that is? Read more information about this at Airport Valencia.

Bike rental

Riding a bike in Valencia is one of the best ways to get around in the city. For more information about how and where to rent a bike, click on bike rental.


The bus is an easy way to get around in the city. Busses drive throughout most parts of Valencia. You can buy your ticket with the driver or at a kiosk or tobacco shop. You will find more information about this at bus in Valencia.


If you want to go from one point to another in the city the metro is a great way to do it. Keep in mind that if you travel from the airport you will need a different ticket than when you travel in the centre. Read more information at metro in Valencia.


Taking a taxi is affordable in Valencia. When you are with four persons it might even be cheaper to take a taxi. For more information check out taxi in Valencia.


If you would like to visit some other cities in the area of Valencia it might be easy to travel there by train. You can purchase tickets on line at the website of Renfe. The prices will be more appealing when you book in advance. For more information see train in Valencia.

Tourist bus

Getting around the city on the tourist bus is a good way to get an impression of the city in a short time. The different routes will take you to all the highlights. For more information check out tourist bus.

Valencia tourist card

Depending on your plans and interests it might be useful to purchase a tourist card. Check out the advantages and disadvantages at Valencia tourist card.

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