It is your last day and you need to get out of your hotel or apartment before 12.00 o’clock. But your plane is not departing until the evening. You were planning to spend your last day in the city, but you are stuck with your suitcase. We have the solution; our Tour & Bike Rental Shop ‘Verrassend Valencia’ offers lockers to store your luggage and/or other stuff. On this page you will find more information about the lockers.


A lot of accommodations are making use of a check out policy. At most of the hotels and apartments you need to leave before 11.00 or 12.00 o’clock. Sometimes this is too early, because your flight will not depart until that evening. You don’t want to take you suitcases with you all day, but you can’t leave them at the accommodation. At the Verrassend Valencia Tour & Bike Rental Shop you can rent a locker and leave your stuff all day. Then you will be able to enjoy the city, beach and the sunshine without carrying your luggage with you.

Bike tour

Do you want to go on a bike tour around Valencia and learn all about the locals, highlights and secret places of Valencia? At the Verrassend Valencia Tour & Bike Rental Shop you can book the bike tour. The 3-hour bike tour includes a drink, Valencia treat, and a bike of high quality. Also, good to know; if you are joining the bike tour, but not want to carry your luggage the whole time you can rent a locker to store your bags, suitcases or other valuables. This way you can enjoy the bike tour without dragging your stuff all the time.

The lockers

The lockers are especially for hand luggage, bags and other valuable things. You will find the lockers in the Verrassend Valencia Tour & Bike Rental Shop and you can lock them with a key. The locker is 59x40x50 cm. We have nine lockers, which you can rent for one or multiple days. You can recognize your locker by the Spanish name on the door, for example ‘Churro’ or maybe you will rent the ‘Horchata’ locker.

Lockers in ValenciaPrice
€4,00 per locker (per day)

Calle Cuba 34
46004 Valencia

Top 5 most frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get my stuff back anytime I want?
You can use the lockers all day long, but you only can get your luggage back during opening hours. We are open between 9.30-14.00 hour and 15.00-18.30 hour from mid November – mid March and between 09.30 – 14.00 hour and 16.30 – 20.00 hour from mid March – mid November.

Is it possible to rent a locker for a couple of hours?
Yes that is possible, but you will pay for the whole day (€4,00)

Can you use the locker if you don’t use other facilities of Verrassend Valencia?
Yes, the lockers are available for everyone.

Do the lockers have the same size?
Yes, the lockers all have the same size: 59x40x50 cm. Most carry-on luggage will fit easily in our lockers.

Can other people get to your stuff?
No, every locker has its own key, which is unique. You can lock and open your own locker and take the key with you.

Fun facts!

– Every locker has its own name, which is typical Spanish or Valencian. You will find the Churro locker; this is a sweet Spanish treat. They dip it in the chocolate for breakfast. For churros we recommend ‘El Contraste’ in the Ruzafa district.
– To make it easy to find your key in your bag we made a personalized keychain for each locker.
– Our creative employees Yvet & Nina decorated the lockers…


Beside the lockers we also have other products in the Verrassend Valencia Tour & Bike Rental Shop! You can rent a phone stand or you can buy one of our unique souvenirs (cool postcards and much more). It is also possible to book one of our tours, for example the bike tour. And of course, you can rent a bike during your trip.

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