Summer in Valencia

Valencia has more than 300 sunny days a year. During the summer in Valencia you can enjoy culture, gastronomy, nature, the city centre and of course the beach. In the city centre there are a lot of activities, like outdoor concerts, a fun fair and more. You can enjoy an ice cream, a refreshing swim or relax in the park.

Feria de Julio

During the summer days it can be very hot in the city centre. Because of this, most of the locals are going to the coast, or travel to the north of Spain. But there is still enough to do in the city centre, in July there is Feria de Julio. In this month lot of activities take place. For example, there is a fun fair in the Turia park, outdoor concerts, and the highlight of Ferio de Julio is the ‘Batalla de Flores’ which means flower battle.

Let’s go to the beach

One of the pleasant things about summer in Valencia is the beach. The beach has three areas. First you have Las Arenas. Here you can find a lot of restaurants for a drink or something to eat after a beach day. Since 2016 you can find Marina Beach Valencia here. This is a modern hotspot for a drink or dinner. The beach Malvarrosa starts at the beautiful five-star hotel Las Arenas. On this beach you will find a lot of locals, but the beach is also popular for tourists. During the summer you will find a market on the boulevard with souvenirs, bags, stuff for the beach, and much more. The last beach is Patacona beach, this beach is not that crowded and upcoming for tourists. At Patacona beach you have a few places to eat, for example La Más Bonita and La Girafe.

Relax at a beach bar

From April to November you can enjoy the pleasant beach bars at the beach of Valencia. Relax at the lounges, rent a beach bed, umbrellas or go for a drink or something to eat. A popular beach bar is La Más Bonita on Patacona beach.

Explore the surroundings of Valencia

Besides a refreshing swim at the beach of Valencia you can also go for a trip in the surroundings of Valencia. Rent a car and go for a ride into the mountains to cool down in Montanejos. This mountain village is 1,5-hour away from Valencia. In Montanejos you can relax in the Hot springs, go for a hike or a swim. Tip! Take your lunch with you and have a picnic. Want to spend some time with the locals? Go to one of the beaches just outside of Valencia. You won’t see a lot of tourist and can enjoy the Spanish vibe and take a refreshing swim.

Ice creams, drinks and food in the sun!

When it is 30 degrees, the sun is shining all day and there is no wind, you will need a refresher. In Valencia there a lot of terraces and places to go for drink and a tapa. In Valencia they are prepared for the heat, because most of the terraces have a lot of shaded places. And you can enjoy a refreshing ice cream. For example, Bautista Martí Italia. This ice cream parlour is one of the best of Valencia. They have a lot of different flavours and some other sweets, which are typically Spanish. You can find Bautista Martí in the city centre, but also in the Ruzafa neighbourhood.

Ready for summer in Valencia?

– It is nice to have an apartment at the beach, but remember that the city centre is not in walking distance from the beach. You can rent a car, bike or go by public transport.
– Make sure that the accommodation that you book has air-conditioning. It can get pretty hot during the summer.

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