Feria de Julio

Are you still not sure when to visit Valencia? The answer to your question is July! During the whole month of July it is time for “fiesta”. The Feria de Julio, or festival of July, is celebrated that month and if you are in Valencia, you are up for a party! A variety of activities will be organized during this month, for example bullfights, theatre performances, concerts, markets, and much more. During this month there are many things to do and to see in this wonderful city.


Did you know that this festival already exists more than 100 years? It was held for the first time in 1871, when the municipality decided to celebrate summer. The city, back then, could use some more visitors and it was also a nice way to invite the inhabitants to stay for the summer. During these festive days you will find a funfair, food stands and markets covering the city of Valencia. Every day firework shows will be shown around town; a real Spanish experience! Most famous of this Feria is the Batalla de Flores, or the fight of the flowers. It is a spectacular experience. Curious who participates in this flower fight and how? You can read all about it in the next paragraph.


There will be several performances during the Feria de Julio. The first performance will be the opening concert on the day that the festival starts. Throughout the whole month you will be able to attend a variety of performance at different venues in the city. Orchestras play, there will be flamenco performances and other dancing acts.

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Batalla de Flores

Batalla de flores means flower fight. This fight was first held in 1891 and a tradition was born. There will be a parade of flower decorated carts. Falleras in beautiful clothing will be standing on top of these carts. These ladies will be flower fighting against the audience. Crates full of flowers will be placed on the streets, so the audience can use those flowers to throw at the falleras. This might not seem totally fair. But don’t worry, the Falleras will use tennis rackets to smash the flowers right back at the audience. It is very amusing to watch, and even better to join the fight! If you are participating in this huge fight you will end up totally orange: the symbol of this fight is the orange marigold flower.

Desembarco Nocturno de los Moros

As the name ‘nighttime disembarkment of the moors’ says this spectacle is being held at the beach of Valencia. Dozens of boats will arrive at the beach filled with people dressed up as moors and Christians. The moors reenact the conquest of Valencia and the later reconquest by the Christian soldiers. Here you will see swords, helmets and flags in combination with action: Christians and moor will fake fight with each other and climbing the old city walls of Valencia. The next day a parade will move through the city with people dressed up as moors and Christians!


Although there is more and more resistance against bullfights, they are still organized in Valencia. Especially the younger generation is against this event. Would you on the other hand like to witness an actual bullfight? In the month of July there will be several possibilities to attend one of these fights at the Plaza de Toros. There are tickets available in different price ranges. We recommend you to book a seat in the shade, as it can be extremely hot in July. Tickets are available at the ticket stand on the left of the Plaza de Toros. Keep in mind that more information about dates and prices are normally will be published in the 1st or 2nd week of July. For more information you can have a look at Bullfights in Valencia.


There will be a fair in the Turia park close to the bridge ‘Puente de las Flores’. You will be able to do all kinds of fun things at this fair. For instance there will be a haunted house, several carousels and a ferris wheel.

Program 2018

The program of 2019 hasn’t been published yet. In order to get an idea about what Feria de Julio would be like, have a look at this page with the program of 2018.


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