Taxis in Valencia are quite cheap, if you compare it to other transportation, like the bus and metro. And the big pro for going by taxi is that they are available 24 hours a day, unlike the buses and metros, that will stop usually around 23:00. You can find more information about taxis in Valencia and some useful tips on this page.


Taxi drivers in Valencia need to have an overview with prices in their car (on the window or at the back of their seat). In the taxi you will find a counter with the price you have to pay and a screen with the fare number. In most taxis in Valencia you can pay in cash or with debit card. Currently, taxis in Valencia have different price categories, which can be divided into two fares for the entire area:

• Fare 1 is used during the day from Monday to Friday. The start fare is € 4 and this fare is used from 07:00 until 21:00. From this fare on, it will be € 1.08 extra per kilometre. If you stay within the city centre you usually pay 4 or 5 euros.
• Fare 2 is used during the night from Monday to Friday from 21:00 until 07:00 and during the weekend and holidays. The start fare is € 6 and from this fare on it will be € 1.18 extra per kilometre. When you stay within the city centre you usually pay 6 or 7 euros.
• Going by taxi from the airport to the city centre of Valencia? Your start fare will be € 12.
• Keep in mind that you have to pay € 5.40 extra when you take a taxi from the city to the airport, and € 2.95 extra when you take a taxi from the cruise terminals to the city centre.

Some useful price indications:

• A taxi from Valencia city centre to the beach will cost you around € 8 during the day. In the evening this will be around € 10. Keep in mind that taking a taxi with four persons can be a cheaper option than public transport!


You can call a taxi, but it is much easier to just raise your hand on the street. You can spot an empty taxi by its green light. When it’s turned off or red/orange, it means the taxi is occupied. There are many taxis in Valencia, so it doesn’t take long to score one in a busy street! It will take you a few minutes at most. You can also find some fixed taxi spots all over the city, for example at Plaza de la Reina, Plaza Ayuntamiento, Plaza Canovas, next to Hotel Neptuno and close to several hotels.


For more information and prices you can visit the website of Teletaxi or call with Radiotaxi Valencia (phone number (0034) 96 370 33 33).

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A good alternative for the regular taxi is Cabify. The most important benefit is that most of the rides with Cabify (short or long) are cheaper in comparison with the regular taxi. The mobile app is very easy to use. After downloading, you can fill in your Paypal or credit card details. The app gives you a complete overview of the rides you have taken. When you order a taxi, the price is already calculated so there are no surprises at the end of the ride.

When ordering a Cabify taxi, you’ll be connected to a driver. While the driver drives to your location, you can follow him via a map and you can easily call his phone number if you have any questions. Do you need a car with a child seat or a bus for a group? Just request those wishes in the app.

You can also make a reservation for a particular day and time. Keep in mind that a taxi may not be available at any time, mostly during rush hour. Do you wish to keep quiet during the ride, do you prefer music of airconditioning in the car? You can set al these preferences in your personal account in the app. Enjoy the ride!


Valencia is quite small compared to bigger Spanish cities as Barcelona and Madrid. Here you can easily walk from one side of the city centre to the other side in thirty minutes more or less. But what’s even more fun is to explore Valencia by bike! It’s the ideal way of transportation if you for example want to visit the old city centre, Turia Park, City of Arts and Sciences and one of the beaches in one day! At Once Upon a Bike you can rent bikes but also join one of our bike tours. Within only 3 hours you get to see different parts of Valencia and our enthusiastic English-speaking guides are happy to share their personal tips for nice restaurants and shops with you. Also a little surprise treat is included in our bike tour, but of course we are not gonna tell you this now…

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