Marathon in Valencia

Each year around the end of November or the beginning of December, the Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso is organized in Valencia. In 2019 the 39th edition of the marathon in Valencia will take place on the 1nd of December.

Valencia is a city for sports lovers. When walking through the Turia Park, you will find a lot of people on their bicycles, joining a yoga class and doing workouts with a personal trainer. Next to that, running is a sport that is practiced by a lot of Valencians. Therefore it is not a surprise that there is a yearly marathon in Valencia.

1nd of December 2019: Valencia Marathon

The first marathon with the distance as we know it nowadays (42 kilometres and 195 metres) was organized in London during the Olympic Summer Games in 1908. This distance is also the official distance of the Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso. A lot of professional top athletes join the race, since it is quite a distance to cover. But next to the professionals, also people that like to run long distance tracks as a hobby are joining the run. Everyone is allowed to take part, as long as you are above 18 years old.

Date: 1nd of December 2019
Start: City of Arts and Sciences
Time: 09:00
Finish: City of Arts and Sciences
Website: Would you like to join? Check the official website for more information.

Running the marathon alongside beautiful buildings

The route of the Valencian Marathon is one of the things that make it a special run. It starts and finishes at the City of Arts and Sciences. This is an amazing complex with six futuristic buildings surrounded by water. Furthermore, the marathon crosses ‘Plaza Ayuntamiento’, the town hall square with an impressive fountain and beautiful buildings. Also, runners will pass ‘Plaza de Toros’ – the bull fighting arena – the Cathedral of Valencia and through the green and beautiful Turia Park.

Perfect weather conditions for a marathon in Valencia

We all know the stories of marathons being run in ice cold, rainy weather or worse, in tropical temperatures. These circumstances make it harder to easily and safely reach the finish. The Valencian Marathon normally has the perfect weather. The temperature is usually between the 12 and 17 degrees and there is not a big chance on rain during this time of the year.

Expo Sport Valencia

Did you know the City of Arts and Sciences organizes an exposition during the marathon in Valencia? The exposition is called Expo Sport and takes place in the Príncipe Felipe Museum of Sciences. A 3,600 square metre big hall will be filled with stalls that focus on the marathon. Here you will find everything that has something to do with running, from t-shirts to shoes, promotion, accessories and information. Also, they organize conferences, readings and shows. Altogether, there is a lot to do during the days the marathon is organized!

Location Expo Sport Valencia: Príncipe Felipe Science Museum
Price: free entrance
Time: 10:00 – 20:00

Half marathon in Valencia

Not everyone likes to run the complete marathon. Therefore, it is also possible to take part in the half marathon, which is a bit more than 21 kilometres. This marathon takes place on the 28th of October in Valencia. The start is at the harbour and the route continues along big streets like the Avinguda del Port, Avinguda de Blasco Ibañez and Plaza Ayuntamiento.

Combine your marathon in Valencia with a city trip

A lot of people combine the Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso with a city trip. During the marathon you will already see a lot, but the city has a lot more to offer. Therefore, we offer a walking tour through the historical city centre. This tour will bring you along the most beautiful sights Valencia has, including interesting myths and surprising facts. Prefer to explore the city by bike? We also organize tours by bike that will bring you from our shop in the arty neighbourhood Ruzafa through the Turia park, the City of Arts and Sciences and the historical city centre. This tour includes a drink on a terrace and a surprise tasting!


  • Are you not really fond of running long distances but you would like to run in this perfect running weather in November/December? You can also run 5 or 10 kilometres!
  • If you are supporting a family member or friend, download the route before they start. This route will show you were the runners normally are after a certain number of kilometres, so you will be prepared when watching the runners go by. Check their official website for more information.

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