Airport Valencia

If you are planning your holiday trip to Valencia, you might want to have some more information about the airport of Valencia. On this page you can find more information about the airport of Valencia.

General information about the airport of Valencia

The airport of Valencia is not that big. Therefore it is not that hard to find the facilities they offer. Furthermore you do not have to walk a big distance to reach your gate.

Transport from and to the airport

There are various possibilities to travel from the airport in Valencia to a hotel/apartment/Bed & Breakfast in the city centre of Valencia. Different options are:


When you arrive at Valencia airport and you have taken your luggage, you are ready to take for example the metro to the centre of Valencia. You can find the metro one floor lower than the floor where you arrived. You can reach the metro by taking the escalator or the elevator. You can buy a ticket at an office window or at one of the machines. It costs €2,00 to go to the city centre. In about 20-25 minutes you will reach the city centre of Valencia.


Buses drive between the airport and the city centre frequently. For more information about the bus, take a look at this page.


Normally there are empty taxi’s waiting in front of the airport. A taxi will cost you approximately €20,00- €25,00 during daytime to get you from the airport to the city centre. Prices can vary, because there are different rates. (night, Sundays, holidays etc.)

Rent a car

If you are only staying for a few days in Valencia you probably do not need to rent a car. It can be very difficult to park your car in Valencia. On top of that there is sufficient public transport available. If you are planning to visit Valencia during a long weekend trip or a one week holiday it might be interesting to rent a car. It is possible to rent a car at the airport of Valencia, but you could also start with some sightseeing in Valencia and decide later if you would like to rent a car to make a trip outside the city Valencia.

Tip! If you are staying for three days in Valencia, it might be interesting to buy the Valencia Public Transportation Card. A nice way to discover the city is by public transportation. With this card you can travel unlimited by bus and metro during your trip. It includes an airport transfer to your hotel as well!

Tourist information on the airport of Valencia

You can find a tourist information on the airport of Valencia. You can go to the tourist information if you would like to book a hotel or if you want to have more information about Valencia. The tourist information is situated at the same floor as the arrival hall.

Food & drinks on the airport of Valencia

Before you pass customs there are some possibilities to get a snack, a sandwich or something to drink.
After the customs there are two bars/restaurants where you can have a drink and/or a bite. A large variety of soft drinks, coffee, tea, sandwiches and snacks or some of the products from their assortment. There is also a Burger King.

Shops on the airport of Valencia

You can find a variety of shops at the airport of Valencia. Before the customs there is a shop where you can buy different magazines and newspapers. After the customs you can buy among others perfume, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and a variety of souvenirs. If you compare the prices of the cigarettes in Spain with the prices of cigarettes in some other countries, than the cigarettes in Spain could be cheaper. If you would like to buy cigarettes in Valencia, you could better choose for a cigarette shop “Tabacos”, because these are in general cheaper than the ones at the airport.


– Car rental at the airport? More information see Sixt.
– For all the options for transport in Valencia, take a look at this page.

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