Are you looking for a neighbourhood of poetry, cultural activities, students and creative projects? Then the neighbourhood of Benimaclet is the place to be. Benimaclet is on a fifteen minute walk from the center of Valencia and is definitely worth to visit.

The multicultural aspect of Benimaclet

Over the years the neighbourhood Benimaclet has become an artistic neighbourhood where people of different nationalities have been settled. This is mainly because universities are located around the neighbourhood. More than 30 cultural and social institutions were created. They organize many events and cultural projects in the area, about 300 per month!

Independent municipality

Until 1878 Benimaclet was an independent municipality. In 1972 the village officially joined the city of Valencia. However, the feeling of living in a village is still visible in the neighborhood. As locals regularly say: “Voy a Valencia” (I’m going to Valencia). Also the church with its square where residents come together on Sundays is recognizable for an old village. The neighbourhood Ruzafa used to be an independent municipality too. More information about this neighbourhood you can find here.

Things to do in Benimaclet

Edificio Espai Verd

Espai Verd was built in 1986 by Antionio Cortés Ferrando. It is a building with 108 houses. But it is not just a building. Espai Ved has a special construction, which makes this building worth to visit. You also see a lot of green around the building from trees, plants and flowers. And you can even find some waterfalls!

Huertos Urbanos

Are you visiting the city by bicycle? Or do you like a nice walk along the edge of the town? Then go to Huertos Urbanos. This is the country side of the city. Nice to spot some locals!

How to get to Benimaclet

The district Benimaclet has a metro and tram stop. Metro line 3 offers direct connection to the center. But also on foot (approximately 30 minutes) and by bicycle (about ten minutes) you can reach the center very well. By tram (line 4 and 6) you can go to the beach.

Bites and drinks

La Ola Fresca

At La Ola Fresca you can find the most delicious cakes and international dishes for breakfast, lunch and tapas. These are made from fresh and biological products. The English owner Helen Westwater gives a fresh twist to her dishes by using ingredients like ginger, lemon, chili and lemongrass. Furthermore at La Ola Fresca they organize cook workshops, food tastings and music and dance events!

Carrer del Músic Magenti 11
46020 Valencia Benimaclet

Kaf café

Do you want to taste the pleasant atmosphere of Benimaclet? Then go to the Kaf Café. In Kaf Café they organize events almost every day. Performances by singers, guitarists and dancers, you name it! Therefore there is always a cozy atmosphere.

Carrer de l’Arquitecte Arnau 16
46020 Valencia

El Gastrónomo

In May 1985 the doors of El Gastrónomo were opened by Antonio Martinez Belenguer. They serve delicious fish and meat dishes and you have a wide choice of different types of wines. According to the reviews at El Gastrónomo you can get the best steak tartar of Valencia!

Avinguda del Primat Reig 149
46020 Valencia

Accommodation in Benimaclet

Would you like to know this neighbourhood better? Below you can find some tips where you can stay in Benimaclet.

Hotel Universidades

Universidades hotel is a three star hotel and is located almost directly next to Benimaclet metro station. The hotel rooms are modern decorated and a 32-inch flat screen TV, air conditioning and free WiFi are available. The bars and restaurants are within 5 minutes walking distance.More information about availability and prices you can find here.

Apartamento Calle de la Rambla

Apartamento Calle de la Rambla offers rooms for up to three people. The apartments have a seating and dining area, a terrace, a balcony and a kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave. There is free wifi and sheets and towels are included in the price. More information about availability and prices can be found here.

Real Rent Jardines de Viveros

Real Rent Jardines de Viveros has apartments available for 2 to 6 people. It has a good location because it is near the metro and tram stop. With this metro and tram you can travel to the center of Valencia, the beach and for example the neighbourhood El Carmen. Furthermore the park Jardines de Viveros (more known as Jardines del Real) is around the corner. The apartments have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat screen TV and a kitchen. More information about availability and prices can be found here.

The nightlife in this district ends about 3:00 o’ clock. Often it ends in the square right before Bar el Glop. Also nice to know: Bar el Glop is also one of the oldest bars in the neighbourhood.

Are you travelling by bike or on foot from the center? Make sure to stop at Jardines de Monforte, one of the secret places of Valencia.

By tram (line 4 and 6) you can be at the beach La Malvarrosa within fifteen minutes.

Do you like to go to an alternative party? Then you can go to ConFusion festival. This is organized by the district volunteers and takes place every year in October. For more information, check their website.

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