Malvarossa beach

Malvarrosa beach is one of the three beautiful beaches of Valencia, right in the middle of Las Arenas beach and Patacona beach. Malvarrosa beach is named after the neighborhood it is in and is with its 1 kilometer length and 135 meter width so big that there’s always a nice sunny spot on the beach for you!

Malvarrosa beach has a perfect mix of visitors: the beach is well known by local families, groups of friends as well as tourists. During the summer months the boulevard is often used as a stage for music artists. Try to stand still while listening to the most swinging sounds under the warm sun!

Malvarrosa beach is quite nearby the city and perfectly reachable by bike. The beach is a 25 minute bike ride from our bike shop in Ruzafa (Carrer de Cuba 34).

Sunbeds and beach umbrellas

What’s more relaxing than enjoying the beach with its seafront on top of a sunbed? During high season, from April until October, you can rent a sunbed or beach umbrella for € 5 at Malvarrosa beach. You can use the beds and umbrellas during the day from 10:00 till 19:00 (in June and August you can even use them until 20:00).

Beach volleyball

When you feel like being a bit active during your holidays in Valencia you can play beach volleyball at Malvarossa beach. There are several beach volleyball courts, mainly around Pans & Company: just bring a ball and play! If all fields are occupied, you can sometimes join other groups if you just ask if you can play with them. The more, the merrier!


At and around Malvarrosa beach you can find all kind of restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch. You can take away a quick sandwich or salad or you can sit down for a three course lunch menu (menu del día). Lunch is actually the most important meal of the day in Spain!

A little side-step: food and drinks in Valencia!

Did you know people in Valencia even have five meals a day?! Their day starts with a desayuno (breakfast) which usually is a cup of coffee with a little sweet pastry. After that they have an almuerzo: a piece of bread together with tortilla, cheese or ham. Between 14:00 and 16:00 it’s time for the big meal: la comida (lunch). This usually is a 3-course menu (menu del dia) together with a glass of wine and coffee afterwards. Also a nice fresh homemade paella is often served as lunch. La merienda is the meal that follows, it’s around 18.00 o’clock and consists of a sweet snack like churros with hot chocolate or a fartón dipped in a cold horchata. Especially in the warm summer months this is a real threat! Around 21.30 o’clock the last meal of the day kicks off; la cena. Dinner often consists of a salad with a sandwich or some tapas.

Pans & Company

Pans & Company is well known for their rich sandwiches which can be combined with French fries or a salad. This restaurant chain knows how to dress their sandwiches to make you come back the next time! The terrace is right in front of the beach which makes this a perfect spot for a quick lunch to head as soon as possible back to the beach! It is situated near the beach volleybal courts as well.

Paseo Marítimo 13
46011 Valencia

Casa Carmela

Casa Carmela is one of the most authentic paella restaurants in Valencia. In the kitchen the paellas are prepared on their own little stove next to each other. The kitchen is open, therefore you can see the chefs working. The ‘socarrat’ is a very special part of the paella, this is the very crispy crust which is packed with flavours and can be scraped with a spoon from the bottom of the pan. So don’t forget to eat the socarrat as well!

Casa Carmela is open during lunchtime (13:00 – 16:00) and is very popular around locals. So make sure you make a reservation so you can be one of the persons enjoying a real Paella Valenciana soon!

Carrer d’Isabel de Villena 155
46011 Valencia

Treat yourself with nice refreshments

At Malvarrosa beach you can find little beach shops which sell cold drinks, little snacks like chips, candies and cookies, and ice cream. During summer you can find a market on the boulevard with different stalls with typical beach items, Valencian souvenirs and snacks and drinks. Enjoy your beach day to the fullest!


  • A fun fact to know about Malvarrosa beach is that the famous Valencian painter Joaquin Sorolla used the beach as inspiration for the beautiful paintings he made. If you are interested in his work, you can visit Museo de Bellas Artes or Casa Museo Benlliure.
  • A little bike ride of 10 minutes from Malvarrosa beach brings you to Patacona beach. A beach loved by locals. Two popular restaurants here are La Girafe and La Mas Bonita. Both worth a visit if you enjoy delicious food in a good atmosphere.

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