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As you maybe already knew, Spain has a great gastronomy and so does Valencia. There are many places where you can go out for dinner, but also for breakfast, lunch or brunch. Besides, there are many shops to buy typical Valencian delicacies. At this page you will find all these places where you can get some food or sweets!


Are you not that kind of a morning person and do you like to enjoy brunch in the afternoon? Going out for a brunch is not very popular in Valencia, because the locals eat their lunch extensive. But if you would like to go out for brunch, you can take a look at our page brunch spots where you can find the best places to have brunch. Enjoy it!


Churros is a typical Spanish sweet snack that is eaten a lot during Fallas, the biggest celebration in Valencia. It is also possible to eat churros at a bar or at a churrería at any other day of the year. They are very crunchy en tasteful, worth the try! For more information about this delicacy see Churros.


Horchata is a typical drink in Valencia, which is not only very tasteful, but also very healthy to drink. There are many bars where you can get Horchata, but the best Horchata you will probably find in a Horchatería. For more information see Horchata.


It can be very hot in Valencia, especially in the summer. You might be looking for a refreshment and would like to have an ice cream. There are many ice cream shops in Valencia, so to help you a little bit we have made a short list of the best ice cream shops in Valencia. Take a look at Ice Cream Shops.


Lunchtime! Are you looking for a lovely place to eat a sandwich, hamburger or other meal? Luckily, there are many restaurants in Valencia that serve lunch. Nevertheless the well-known siesta, there are still many places to go for lunch. Take a look at this page for lunch spots.


Are you looking for places to have dinner? Valencia is known for its great gastronomy, so it will not be a problem to find a restaurant. There is a lot to choose for; tapas, paella, Mediterranean, and so on. To make it a little easier for you, you can take a look at our Paella page, Restaurant page, Tapas page or our Dining in Valencia page.

Tips & facts

– Would you like to be in the Spanish rhythm, while staying in Valencia? If yes, you can (just as the locals) go out for a warm lunch in the midday and dinner around 21.00 hour during the week or 22.00 hour in the weekends.
– Did you know that the locals eat a small bread or something else smalls for breakfast? It is because they will be hungry for the big meal for lunch!
– Did you know that the Valencian people used to eat paella as lunch?

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