Did you know that Valencia has a real broad metro network? It makes it really easy to travel to various places within the city. Your first encounter with the metro will probably be from the airport to the city centre of Valencia. This will take you about twenty minutes. The most centrally located metro stations in the city centre are: Xàtiva and Colon. In the Turia Park you find Alameda station and Marítim – Serrería is the closest station nearby The City of Arts and Sciences (walking distance 25 minutes).

Buying and prices of a metro ticket

You can buy a ticket for the metro at a ticket machine or at the box office. Not all metro stations have box offices, but for sure all of them have ticket machines. The information at the ticket machines can be viewed in English. Make sure that you have cash (small amount) and a debit or credit card with you when buying the ticket. Some machines only accept debit or credit cards and at some box offices you can only pay with cash.

The general price that goes through one zone (A, B, C, D) is € 1.50. Going through two zones is € 2.10, 3 zones is € 2.80 and 4 zones is € 3.90. Good to know: when you travel with a little group of four, it’s sometimes cheaper (and more convenient) to take a taxi.

Good to know: Keep your metro ticket with you. You need to use it twice to get in and out of the gates!

Travelling together

Are you travelling with two to five people within the city centre of Valencia? Then you can choose between one of the options below:

  • 10 Journey Travel Card Zone A: € 8.20 (€ 7.20 + € 1 for the card)
  • It cost € 15.80 for two return tickets from the airport to city centre
  • You can buy a € 21.00 ticket for ten rides in zone ABCD. You can travel with a maximum of five people on this card.

Have you used all rides on the ticket? Upload your card for € 7.20 (you don’t pay € 1 for the card anymore).

Travelling with a big group

When you are travelling with a big group, you can choose for a TuiN card. At the start you have to upload the card with a minimum of €10.00. A single ride in Zone A costs €0.72. The card can be used by a maximum of sixty people at the same time. The most convenient option is that one person scans the card and the rest of the people pass. The person that has scanned the card, is the last one entering the gate.

Tourist card

Another option that might be advantageous is to buy a tourist card. This card gives you the advantage of unlimited travel through zone ABCD and also offers you some discount for a couple of museums, shops and restaurants. You can buy this card at the tourist office at: Carrer de la Pau, Plaza Ayuntamiento, Estacion del Norte or at the airport. You can also buy one online.

24 hours = € 15
48 hours = € 20
72 hours = € 25

Metro time schedule

You can take the metro approximately between 05:30 and 23:30. On the website of Metro Valencia you can find a time schedule. Or find your perfect connection on the Metro Valencia app for your mobile phone! Keep in mind that the time tables are different during weekends and holidays.

Too late to catch the metro? You can find a lot of taxis outside the airport and in the city centre of Valencia. It is possible to pay by cash or by card. Do you see a green-lighted taxi? Then grab the cab!

Map of all metro stations in Valencia

There are three ways to get a map of all the metro stations in Valencia. First of all, you can find the map online at the Metro Valencia website. ‘Documents generals’ is the one you are looking for! Make sure you choose ‘Plano de la red’ and click on ‘Descarregar’ to download the map. There is also a mobile app that you can use. It is called ‘Metro Valencia‘. With this app you will not only have a map, but also the precise departure and arrival times of the different subways! Last but not least, you can always ask for a map at the counter of a subway station or at a tourist information office.

From Valencia airport to the city centre by metro

The easiest way to travel from the airport to the city centre is by metro. The metro station is located beneath the airport. When you walk out of the arrival hall, you’ll find the escalator at your left hand to take you to the metro. The metro takes approximately 25-30 minutes to arrive at the city centre. There are two lines that operate from the airport and both go to the city centre: line 3 (red) and line 5 (green). Line 3 operates between 05:27 and 22:02, line 5 between 6:21 and 22:06. Almost every seven minutes a metro takes off to the city centre of Valencia. A single metro ticket from the airport to the centre of Valencia costs € 4.90. A return ticket costs € 8.40 and is valid for 24 hours.

Travelling by metro within Valencia city centre and beach

When you’re using the metro to visit the city centre, the beautiful Turia park or the beach you only need to buy an A zone card. If you’re planning to travel more often by metro during your stay, it is cheaper on the long run to buy a ‘Bono metro’ card, which can be used ten times. With the Bono card that costs € 8.20 you can travel through the whole A zone. Are you only using the metro once? Then the ticket of € 1.50 might be a better idea.

Take the metro out of the city

Do you want to explore the surroundings of Valencia? You can take the metro from Valencia to some villages not too far away from the city. For example Torrent, a town six kilometres south of Valencia, where you can visit the beautiful Arab Tower or the botanical gardens.

There is also a metro route that will take you to the north of Valencia. Here you can visit the towns of Rafelbunyol, La Pobla Farnalls and Almassera. In these small towns you can find monasteries, fields of olives, fruit and crops, and visit churches and mills. Alboraya, located at the north of the student neighbourhood Benimaclet, is known for its production of ‘chufa’. This is the famous nut where horchata is made of, the refreshing drink where Valencia is known for and Valencians love to drink!

Explore Valencia by bike

Once you have reached Valencia by metro, you will notice that the city centre is quite small, with the Turia Park and the City of Arts and Sciences a bit more further. For this, the city is perfect to explore with one of our bikes! Feel the wind in your hair, wear your sunnies and let’s go! In the old city of Valencia – the neighbourhood El Carmen – not many cars are allowed. In the Turia Park, that stretches over nine kilometres throughout the city, no cars or scooters are allowed either. There is no metro station close by this park, so grabbing a bike is the perfect option to experience both the old city centre and the park. Would you like to know more fun facts about the old city centre, Turia park and City of Arts and Sciences? Then join one of our bike tours with an English speaking guide! Within three hours you get to know more about the city and you will taste something typical Valencian, but for now … that will stay a secret!

Bici en Metro

The municipality of Valencia likes to see more people on bikes exploring Valencia and surroundings. That’s why Bici en Metro is designed: a package of routes that show you the heart and highlights of Valencia, combining metro and cycling! Every route starts at a metro station from where you can cycle to a monument, special landscape or highlight.

Tip! When you are staying in Valencia for three days and planning to use the metro and bus a lot, the Valencia Public Transportation Card is perfect for you! With this card, you can travel unlimited by bus and metro. An airport transfer to your hotel is also included!

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