Cycling through Valencia

Would you like to see the city Valencia or its surroundings? A great way to discover and enjoy this diverse city is by bike. More and more bike paths are being created to make cycling trough Valencia even more pleasant. Since March 2017 you can cycle in one of the biggest streets of Valencia: Colon. It connects the city with a lot of surrounded neighbourhoods. And like this more plans for bike paths are being made.


Besides walking, cycling is also a perfect way to discover the city Valencia. Over the last few years Valencia has become a quite ‘cycling-friendly’ city. For example, in our Bike and Rental shop you can rent a high quality bike.
We have high quality Dutch bikes from the brand ‘Cortina Milo’. The bikes are comfortable and every bike has its own Dutch name, like Tom, Gert of Linda (named after our friends, special customers, colleagues etc.). Besides, you can choose for a bike with (or without) our pretty baskets (which have been used before for the collection of oranges) to carry your bag, for example. You can combine your bike rental with a nice route in our webshop. For more information about our Bike and Rental shop, like what we offer, our prices and about cycling in Valencia take a look at this page.

Valencia by bike

Despites there are coming more and more bike paths, it isn’t very popular to use a bike in Spain. Spanish people rather take a walk, but the bike slowly gets more popular in Spain and especially in Valencia. Compared to other Spanish cities, Valencia is a really flat city and because of that it’s nice to discover the city by bike.

Another part of the city that already has a bike path for a while is the Turia Park. The nine kilometers long Turia Park is a perfect and relaxed place to discover with your bicycle. If you cycle from the city center into the park you will finally end up at the City of Arts and Sciences. From this amazing place you can reach the beach of Valencia in ten minutes! Take a rest at La Malvarossa beach or have your lunch at one of the cozy terraces and restaurants that La Malvarossa has to offer, for example La Más Bonita.

Bike rental

Are you planning to rent a bike and do you want to make sure that you can visit the city Valencia on a comfortable bike? Then rent a bike in our Bike and Rental shop in the trendy district Ruzafa! In December 2016 we opened our bike and rental shop. We offer typical Dutch bikes which are experienced as very comfortable. The bikes are high quality Dutch bikes from the brand ‘Cortina Milo’. And not to mention they have a beautiful white color, the Spaniards can’t stop looking at them! We also offer e-bikes, tandems, cargo bikes and bikes or seats for children. At our rental shop you can rent bikes and explore the city on your own, but you can also join our guided bike tour!

Bike tour

When you participate in our guided bike tour an enthusiastic guide will show you all the beauty Valencia has to offer. We give bike tours in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. During the tour you will visit a part of the historic centre, the Turia park and the famous Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. Our guide will take you back in time and tell you all the background information and surprising facts you need to know about Valencia. During the bike tour you will have a drink break which gives you the opportunity to ask the guide all the questions you want answers to, for example the best restaurants in town. You will also receive a typical Valencian treat. But we’ll keep that a secret for now 😉

Bike Paths

The network of bike paths is not (yet) as good as in some other countries in Europe, but there are some really nice tracks, passing through the outstanding nature of this Mediterranean region. This network will be improved and amplified in the next years to make cycling trough Valencia more comfortable. It’s for sure that Valencia is a ‘bike-friendly’ city with its 156 kilometres of bike paths!

Having your own bike

When you are in Valencia for a longer term (more than three months) it should be nice to have your own bike. The Once Upon a Bike long term bikes will be a perfect solution for you and because of these bikes you will be able to discover Valencia and its surroundings. Not only the good service and amazing quality are benefits of our long term bikes, there is more! To get to know all the benefits and more information about our Once Upon a Time bikes, take a look at Long Term Bikes.

Once Upon a Bike


Bicimetro consists of various routes throughout the city in which you will be able to combine the use of a bicycle with the use of the metro. All routes begin and start at a metro station. There are 18 great routes to choose from. Some routes are in the city centre where you will bike past important buildings and monuments. Other routes will take you into the beautiful surroundings just outside the city. See the website for more information and routes.



However traffic users are not always following the rules, that does not mean that there are no rules. When you are on your bike in Valencia it is a good idea to keep these rules in mind. There are nine rules (and tips) for cycling in Valencia:

1. When there is a bike path it is obligated to cycle on that path. Do you not see a bike path? Then you have to cycle on the road.
2. A lot of streets are only for one-way traffic. Not only for cars, also for you on your bike.
3. Be extra careful at cross roads. That makes sense, but sometimes car drivers forget to turn on their direction lights.
4. You have to make sure that everyone can see you at any moment of the day, especially when it is dark. You must have lights in the front and on the back of your bike.
5. It is forbidden to use headphones or your phone while cycling.
6. It is forbidden to cycle on the footpath. When there is no bike path and you do not want to cycle on the road, then you have to walk with your bike in your hand at the footpath.
7. Always let other people know when you are turning left or right by extending your hand.
8. Never park your bike attached to a tree or lamppost. On almost every corner of the street you will find a place to park your bike.
9. Cycling with kids: very important to know is that kids until sixteen years old have to wear a helmet while cycling.
10. When you are cycling in the Turia Park, you have to know that there are paths for bikers and for runners. In general the running paths are in the middle of the park and the bike paths at the sides with a pictured bicycle on the ground.


With a bike route you can discover the city in a suprising way! The bike route is full with unique sights, great tips and nice spots!

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