Feria Valencia

The official name of this building is Feria Muestrario Internacional de Valencia, but locals usually name it Feria Valencia. You will find this exhibition hall about 15 minutes from the city centre. The hall is used for a lot of purposes. The famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren is one of the many artists who performed here.

The growth of Feria de Valencia

The 10th of May 1917 an annual fair, the Feria Valencia, was organised for the first time in the well-known railway station of Valencia: Estación del Norte. Almost 150 stalls presented things like furniture and decorative items. The fair was a great success and was organised year after year. Only in 1921 and between 1936 and 1942 (Spanish Civil War) the fair didn’t take place.

The Feria kept growing and a new, bigger location was needed. The municipality of Valencia decided to build a brand new building on its actual location. Just outside the city centre, in the economic area of the city. Right now the Feria Valencia offers 230,000 square meters which can be used for expositions, conventions, concerts and any other type of events. The building has a capacity of twenty thousand visitors. More than 100 events take place every year and therefore it is one of the most successful fairs in the country. Furthermore, Feria Valencia is the oldest feria of Spain.

An outstanding building: ‘medio huevo’

The Feria Valencia is formed out of different buildings. There are three main buildings: Foro Centro, Foro Norte and Centro de Convenciones. The most iconic building is the Centro de Convenciones which has an amazing shape. Its walls are made of glass and on top of it, there is a fancy dome, made of glass as well. With a little bit of imagination, some see the shape of a snail. Others think it looks more like a brain. The citizens of Valencia used to call it ‘medio huevo’, which means ‘half egg’.

From fair to DJ concert hall

Every year many events take place at the Feria Valencia. Some of the events that already took place at this location were for example:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • DJ Armin van Buuren concert, part of the ‘Armin Only Intense’ tour
  • International interior design, architecture and decoration fair

The Feria Valencia is the ideal location for many events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a conference, presentation, meeting, seminar, gala dinner, award show, a concert or every other possible event.

And this is why you should organise your event a Feria de Valencia!

Are you planning to organise your event at the Feria Valencia, but do you still have any doubts? Here are some reasons to choose this amazing location:

  • It is a giant multidimensional building, big enough to incorporate 20,000 visitors.
  • The accessibility is perfect and only 15 minutes away from the city centre.
  • The Feria Valencia disposes of a great service team and has more than 100 years experience in this business.
  • It is the biggest event building in Spain and the geographic location is perfect in the middle of Europe, South America and North Africa.

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