Are you visiting Valencia for a few days and do you have some time left? Or did you already visit Valencia before and would you like to do something else than sightseeing? In and around Valencia you can do a lot of activities. Activities like cycling and hiking, but also golfing and even skiing! We also recommend you some activities for kids. You can find an overview of these activities below. Have fun!

Activities for kids

Are you going to visit Valencia with your kids and do you like to discover the city on a way that everybody is satisfied? Then read more about activities for kids. Valencia is the third biggest city of Spain and has therefore lots to offer. Also for kids! You can visit the zoo, go to playgrounds, play minigolf; you name it. There is even a science museum in the City of Arts and Sciences, which is very interactive, educational and fun for kids. Tours Valencia made an overview of all the activities for kids in Valencia. You can also find some lunch and dinner tips. And keep in mind that the Spaniards eat quite late. Here you can read more about it.



Besides walking, cycling is also a perfect way to discover the city Valencia. Over the last few years Valencia has become a quite ‘cycling-friendly’ city. It’s not yet that good as some other cities, but it has definitely improved! For example, in our Bike and Rental shop you can rent a bike. We have high quality Dutch bikes from the brand ‘Cortina Milo’. The bikes are comfortable and every bike has its own Dutch name, like Tom, Gert of Linda. Besides, you can choose for a bike with (or without) our pretty fruit baskets to carry your bag, for example. You can combine your bike rental with a nice route in our webshop. Or you can join a walking tour or a bike tour! But there are more bike options available in Valencia. Like the city bike of Valencia or the bicimetro. For more information about our Bike and Rental shop, like what we offer, our prices and about cycling in Valencia take a look at this website.

Fietshuur Valencia


Do you like to play golf and does it sound good to combine a city trip with some golf? In Valencia you have a few places where they offer golf courses. Most of these places are hotels including a golfclub. Furthermore you can attend a golf workshop. Perfect for people who like to combine sun and sports. Find out where you can do this by reading the recommendations about golf courses that Tours Valencia offers you.


The surroundings of Valencia offer a large and diverse landscape. Like farmlands with oranges, wineries, beautiful beaches, mountains; you name it. Perfect for an adventurous hike experience! Find out the beautiful places that Tours Valencia has selected for you. Here you can read more.


Do you practice the mindfulness lifestyle? Then of course you can continue that lifestyle while you are in Valencia. There are many spots inside and outside Valencia city where you can practice mindfulness by yourself or with other people. We also give you tips for mindfulness exercises and where to buy handy supplies in Valencia.


You might not think about skiing when you are visiting Valencia, but when you are staying for a longer time or you just like to ski, then you can go to Teruel. The ski area is called Valdelinares and is located in the region Aragon. It’s a small village with high mountains, so mostly there is enough snow! Here you can read more about skiing in Valencia.

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