Do you wanna go surfing in Spain? This country has a lot of surf spots! Fuerteventura, Tarifa, Mundaka, Zarautz and San Sebastian to mention just a few of them. But did you know you can also go surfing in Valencia? There are several surf schools and surf shops in Valencia and also some just a little outside of the city. Get your gear and start surfing in Valencia today!

How amazing is the feeling to be in the water with your surfboard? It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just taking your first steps in surfing. The nicest feeling is to be in the water and being one with nature during your surf ride. The power of the ocean is amazing and gives you chills every time you catch a wave! And after your first (or hundredth) ride, you only want one thing: hit the waves again!

Surf spots in and around Valencia

Valencia is well-known for her delicious oranges and amazing paella (did you know that paella has its origin here in Valencia?). But did you also know that you can go surfing in Valencia and in some villages further up and down the coast? And the best part: you can do this all year long! For example in the city of Valencia at Playa Las Arenas, or just a little drive outside Valencia, you have this cute little historical town called Cullera. On this page you will find some surf spots in and around Valencia, but there are for sure more surf locations to find!

Las Arenas – Playa de Levante

This is the popular surf spot of the city of Valencia. It’s at the popular beach Las Arenas. Both surfers with a shortboard or a longboard can enjoy the Valencian waves right here. Although you can catch waves here regularly all year long, the best period is during autumn en winter time. No worries, if you don’t have any surf gear with you. Hop on a bike and ride it to the beach. There you will find several shops where you can rent surf gear or even get surf lessons.

El Perellonet

You can find the beach of El Perellonet just a little bit further then El Palmar, the cute little town with 900 inhabitants and more then 30 paella restaurants, south of Valencia. If you love to ride the waves with a short surfboard, then this is your spot. Especially in winter time.

La Pobla de Farnals

Are you a beginner and you want to surf on easy waves, then go to La Pobla de Farnals. You find this little town between Valencia and Sagunto.


Only an half hour drive away from Valencia and you can surf at Puerto Sagunto. Especially in winter time this is an ideal place for short board surfers.


Cullera is not only a beautiful historical village. It’s also a good place to enjoy some waves. In about 45 minutes from Valencia by car (you can also catch the train easily), you will find Playa Marenyet. At the north side of this beach, north of the estuary of the river Júcar, is the best spot to go for a surf, especially in autumn en winter time. There are not a lot of locals surfing at this beach.

I wanna go surfing in Valencia!

Do you wanna hit the water, but you didn’t bring your own surfboard? Or you would like to have some lessons first? In and around Valencia you find several surf schools for lessons and rental surf gear, like surfboards and wetsuits. Here you find some listed. Check their websites for more information!

Mediterranean Surf School – Playa Patacona Valencia

At Mediterranean Surf School you cannot only hire surf equipment and follow surf lessons. They also have really cool surf clothes, surfboards and even a gym to work out! And they organize surf trips to other gorgeous surf spots in Valencia. How cool is that?

Avenida Blasco Ibañez novelista 8
46120 Alboraya, Valencia

Las Arenas Escuela de Surf – Las Arenas Valencia

Get your supercool surf outfit at this surf school, after you have enjoyed one of their surf lessons! Besides surf lessons you can also learn how to hit the ‘ramp’ with a skateboard! You find Las Arenas Escuela de Surf directly next to the beach Las Arenas in Valencia.

Carrer de Pavia 85
46011 Valencia

Ocean Republik – Las Arenas Valencia

Ocean Republik – situated in the harbor of Valencia – has it all for every type of ocean lover! If you wanna go surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddle boarding (SUP). You can even go for a class of pilates on a stand upple board, how about that?!

Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46011 Valencia

SUPlife – Las Arenas Valencia

Are you in for something special, something different, something surprising? Then join one of SUPlife’s paddle tours! They do stand up paddle tours in Javea as well as a paddle tour from the Albufera lake to the sea. Cool! By the way, did you know that the Albufera lake is the largest freshwater lake in Spain? Although their name is SUPlife and they are popular for their stand up paddle activities, they can also help you with surf lessons and kitesurfing.

Calle Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46024 Valencia

Wet Valencia – El Perellonet

At Wet Valencia you can enjoy the waves and the surf by attending group lessons or get some private lessons. Surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and stand up paddle boarding. Wet Valencia offers it all!

Carrer del Mascaró 16
46012 El Perellonet

Aussie Surf Club – La Pobla de Farnals

Of course this club is founded by real Ozzies! With their large Australian coast line, they love to surf and know everything about it. This is your surf school to go to when you are in La Pobla de Farnals. Kids as well as adults can join in on one of their surf classes. It is also possible to rent surfboards or enjoy some stand up paddle boarding.

Puerto Deportivo de La Pobla de Farnals
46137 La Pobla de Farnals

Posidonia – Cullera

Ocean lovers, we will see you at Posidonia at Cullera. This school is open every day of the year, so we don’t have to explain you how big their love for the ocean is. During the summer they offer a variety of packages so you can learn to surf in a few days, weeks or even months! If you wanna go for a kayak trip or if you are more into longboards/skateboarding, the team of Posidonia can assist you with that as well.

Carrer l’Horta 33
46400 Cullera

Shop your surf gear in Valencia

Valencia offers a variety of cool surf shops where you can find the latest surf gear. From surfboards in all kinds of sizes and colours, to cool wetsuits and beautiful bikinis. Vamos a surf!

Gondwana Surf Shop

Softboards for beginners, shortboards and fish boards in different kind of materials (epoxy, polyester and more) for the more experienced surfer. At this popular surf shop you can find everything you need to have for a good surf ride. They also have a wide range of neoprenos (wetsuits). Brands you can find here are for example O’Neill and Rip Curl, but they definitely offer more than just those two. Also, if you are into snowboarding, you can find some cool snowboard gear at Gondwana, as well as longboards and carvers, some even in tropical style!

Gran Vía Germanías 25
46006 Valencia

Wet Valencia Surfshop

With multiple surf shops in Spain, Wet offers a broad range of surf gear. For surfing as well as kitesurfing and other ocean sports. But also with material to go skateboarding or biking can Wet help you. They have an online shop which is really convenient. In El Perellonet you can find the surf school of Wet Valencia to rent a surfboard or to join one of their surf lessons.

Carrer de la Casa de la Misericordia 12
46014 Valencia

Tip: check the wave conditions

Are there any waves today? That is the first question every surfer asks him- or her self in the morning. Back in the day you had to drive your car to different beaches to check the weather conditions with your own eyes. It had his charm but nowadays luckily there are useful websites and apps that can give you the information directly on your smartphone. For example, Surf EscapeSurfline and

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