Bike rental in Valencia

Valencia is getting more and more bike-proof! New bike paths are being built and the Turia park is a perfect place to ride a bicycle. Therefore it’s no surprise that a lot of people in Valencia use a bike. Besides, it is a great way to discover this diverse city. We would like to welcome you into our bike rental shop to experience it yourself!

Once Upon a Bike Rentals

You can reserve a bike with the reservation form below!

In the most fun and hip area of Valencia you can find our own bike rental shop: ‘Verrassend Valencia Tours & Bike Rental’ (Verrassend Valencia is the Dutch name of our company). The neighbourhood is called Ruzafa, which is a five minute walk away from Plaza Ayuntamiento. In the shop you can rent our comfortable, Dutch city bikes. You can decide if you want a bike with or without a nifty (and pretty!) fruit basket to carry for example a towel, bottle of water, bag or maybe even your small dog. Good to know is that if you don’t want to carry your stuff with you all day, you can rent a locker. Interested in renting a bike? You can make a reservation with the form on this page.

Fun fact: each bike is named after someone. So if your name is Lisa, Tom or maybe Peter: you can ride your own bike!

Opening hours
Monday – Sunday: 09.30h – 14.00h and 16.30h – 20.00h

Calle Cuba 34
46006 Valencia

– As a deposit, we ask for a valid drivers license or €50,00 per bike. For an electric bike, tandem or the cargo bike the deposit is €100,00.
– If the bicycle is rented for more than one day, you are obliged to arrange a suitable (enclosed) garage for the bikes during the night(s). Bikes can not be left on the street during the night.
– By renting our bikes you agree with the terms and conditions.

Bikes for kids, electric bikes and much more

Besides the ‘normal’ bikes we have bikes for kids, electric bikes and tandem bikes. We even have an awesome Cargo Bike for rent!

For children we have small bikes in several sizes. Besides, we have helmets which you can borrow for free. Do you prefer to take your son/daughter together with you on your bike? That’s possible, on condition that the little one does not weigh more than 22 kilos. The price for renting a child seat is €4,00 per day.

Kids bikes Valencia

Rental prices

Dutch style bike
4hrs – €10,00 (€5,00 kids)
8hrs – €12,50 (€6,50 kids)
24hrs – €15,00 (€7,50 kids)
2-3 days – €12,00 p/d (€6,00 kids)
4 or more days – €10,00 p/d (€5,00)
*These prices also apply to medium and men’s bikes
*The men’s bikes are suitable for men longer than 1.85 / 1.90 meters

4hrs – €20,00
8hrs – €25,00
2-3 days – €24,00 p/d
4 or more days – €20,00 p/d

Tandem bicycle
4hrs – €20,00
8hrs – €25,00

Unique family tandem (brand Onderwater)
4hrs – €35,00
8hrs – €45,00
24hrs – €47,50
2-3 days – €37,50 p/d
4 or more days – €35,00 p/d

4hrs – €45,00
8hrs – €55,00

Bike buggy (is attached to an adult bike)
4hrs – €10,00
8hrs – €12,50
24hrs – €15,00
2-3 days – €12,00 p/d
4 days or more – €10,00 p/d
*Maximum weight is 20 kilos

Tandem: double the fun!

Everything is better together, that’s why we have a tandem! Take a ride on this bike for a practical, fun and special day out. Our shiny white tandems are from the brand Azor and imported from The Netherlands. Due to popularity, we would like to know beforehand if you are planning to use this bike. With the contact form on this page you can make a reservation. Twinning is winning!

Unique family tandem: triple the fun!

Do your kids want to cycle through Valencia but are you doubting this? The perfect solution for this is our unique family tandem (also called Onderwater bike XL). This bike is especially designed for three people! Two kids can sit in front (ideal age is between 3,5 and 7 years old) while mom or dad is sitting behind the wheel. With the family tandem you can enjoy Valencia to the fullest in a safe way. Another very important fact is that you will shine perfectly on the streets of Valencia! With the contact form on this page you can make a reservation.

Mountainbike: for the sporty ones

Are you looking for a sporty way to discover Valencia and its surroundings? Then our amazing mountainbikes of the Spanish brand Orbea will be perfect! At lightning speed you will get out of the city centre and you will entre the drained rivers or the beautiful orange fields. It is also possible to cycle through the mountains of Valencia, because of the 21 gears on the bike!

On tour with the Royal Rickshaw

Feel like a queen or king all day long with our Rickshaw! Discover Valencia in an extraordinary way with this unique bike . Do you have a special celebration coming up? Surprise someone for their birthday, bachelor party, wedding proposal or just for fun! Read more about our Royal Rickshaw Tour where one of our guides will show you around Valencia. You can make a reservation for the Rickshaw with the contact form below.


The men’s bike: heavenly high

Our brand new arrival is the tall men’s bike! This U4 Cortina men’s bike has a height of 61 centimeters, which makes cycling with your knees against the handlebar a thing from the past! The bicycle is matt black with brown handles and a brown saddle, so besides a high bike it is also a very stylish and beautiful one!

The bike buggy: on tour with your kids

The bike buggy is from the brand Red Cycling and has a length of 23 centimeters, a width of 67 centimeters and a height of 83 centimeters. The perfect thing about the bike buggy is that you can discover Valencia with your kids, because the buggy is attached to an adult bike. The maximum weight for the buggy is 20 kilos and it fits two kids.

Long term bike rental

Do you stay in Valencia for a while, like three months or even a year? Then it might be nice to have your own bike, would’nt it? Our Once Upon a Bike long term beauties will be perfect to explore the city during your stay in Valencia. The long term bike rental has many benefits: the bikes are high quality, have an eye-cathing colour and they come with a good service. On top of this, all the bikes have typical Spanish names like playa, cerveza or hola! For more information about having your own long term bike in Valencia, take a look at this page.

Once Upon a Bike

Meet our team

We would like to introduce to you our team of shop employees that are here to help you make the most of your visit in Valencia!


After having worked in the hospitality industry for years, Benjamin says he loves to be in the shop. It has a lot in common with each other. Making everyone happy as much as possible is something he likes to do. He hasn’t finished discovering Valencia yet and likes to talk about his best locations.

Opening hours and location

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 09.30 – 14.00h and 16.30 – 20.00h

Calle Cuba 34
46006 Valencia

Contact us


Phone/Whatsapp: +34 613281461 or +34 691 928 943
Reservation form:

    Your name

    Your email

    Your phone number

    What date would you like to make the reservation?

    How long would you like to use the bike?

    How many bikes would you like to reserve?

    Specific wishes (e.g. kids bike, seats for kids etcetera)

    Below you can find some other bike rental shops in Valencia:

    Solution Bike

    If you are looking for a bike rental close to Plaza Ayuntamiento and Plaza de la Reina Solution Bike is a great option. For more information you can look at the website of Solution Bike.

    Calle Embajador Vich 11
    46002 Valencia
    Tel. + 34 961 10 36 95

    Valencia Bikes

    This bike rental has several shops scattered around the city. They also offer a ´one-way’ rental between Paseo de Pechina and the City of Arts and Sciences, in that way you don’t have to bike back in order to return the bike. You have the possibility to rent bikes per hour, day or week. The opening hours are from 09:00 to 17:00 on working days. Valencia Bikes will ask for your identification papers as a deposit. You can look at Valencia Bikes for more information.

    – Turia park
    Paseo de la Pechina 32
    46008 Valencia
    Tel. + 34 963 851 740
    – Russafa
    Carrer de Cuba 24
    46006 Valencia
    – city centre
    Calle Tapinería 13
    46001 Valencia

    Orange Bikes

    Orange Bikes offers guided tours, mountainbikes and citybikes for rent. The shop is located in the city centre. You can rent a bike for a minimum of one hour. You should be able to identify yourself with some identification papers. Furthermore a credit card could be useful as a deposit. For more information you can take a look at the website of Orange Bikes.

    Calle Guillem Sorolla 1
    46001 Valencia
    Tel. + 34 96 3917551

    Do you bike

    At Do you bike you can rent all kinds of bicycles, including kids’ bikes and tandems. In order to rent a bike you should be able to identify yourself with some identification papers. Furthermore a credit card could be useful as a deposit. Take a look at their website if you want more information on prices, opening hours and reservations.

    – Benimaclet | Blasco Ibañez
    Calle Puebla Larga, 13
    46020 Valencia
    Tel. +34 963 387 008
    – City centre
    Calle del Mar, 14
    46003 Valencia
    Tel. +34 963 155 551
    – Harbour
    Avenida del Puerto, 141
    46022 Valencia
    +34 963 374 024


    Are you staying several days in Valencia and would you like to use a bicycle for a little city tour, but as well to travel from point A to point B? Then the Valenbisi system might be a very interesting possibility for you.

    Valenbisi bikes across the city
    Valencia offers around 2750 bicycles, spread among 275 stations in Valencia. You can rent these bicycles for short term, but also for long term. You can recognize the bicycles by the “Valenbisi” sticker on the bike. All bicycles have got a basket, an adjustable saddle and a biking lock. You can choose between a card for a long term period (you can rent a bike during the whole year, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day) or a card for a short term period (during 7 consecutive days, you can make use of the Valenbisi bikes 24 hours a day). The bikes are distributed over 275 Valenbisi bike stations in Valencia. On the website of Valenbisi, you can find an overview of the distribution points.

    Keep in mind!!
    If you are not used to the city yet, the Valenbisi system could be a bit unpleasant. For example, when you are looking to grab a bike on Monday morning and you find out all the Valenbisi stations near you are empty! Or if you want to spend your Sunday afternoon at the beach and take a Valenbisi from the centre, to find out later that there is no more parking space left at the Valenbisi parkings at the beach. Only if you know where the stations are located and you’ve found out which stations have enough (or not enough) bikes at certain moments, the Valenbisi system could really come in handy. If not, another option could be long term rental.

    How does it work?
    If you are going to use your long term card, keep in mind that you first have to scan your card and then enter your code. The first time you have to read the conditions of Valenbisi, then you will be able to choose a bicycle. During 60 seconds you have time to push on the unlock button in order to get the bicycle disconnected of the bike station. From the moment that you take the bike, you have got 30 minutes of free use. When you return the bike at a bike station, you need to connect the bicycle to a pole at the bike station. If you hear a bleeping sound, then you know that the bike is connected to the station.

    A short term card can be bought with a credit card at a Valenbisi station which exists of a credit card payment option. A long term card can be bought at the website of Valenbisi.

    Long term card: Valid during one year for € 25,00
    0-30 minutes: The first half hour the use of the bike is for free.
    30-60 minutes: € 0,52 for every extra 30 minutes.
    Every extra 60 minutes: € 2,06

    Short term card: Valid during 1 week (keep in mind: 7 consecutive days) for €13,30
    0-30 minutes: The first half hour is the use of the bike for free.
    30-60 minutes: € 1,04 for every extra 30 minutes.
    Every extra 60 minutes: € 3,12

    Tips for using a Valenbisi
    – If you return the bike to a Valenbisi bicycle station, make sure the bike is connected to the station. If the bike isn’t connected to the station the costs will increase.
    – If you choose a short term card, you will have to agree with a “deposit”.
    – Keep in mind that if you want to order a long term card, you need an address in Valencia. Valenbisi will send the card to the address.
    – If you don’t want to pay any extra costs, you can change your bike within 30 minutes at another Valenbisi station.

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