Beer tasting

Valencian beer is trending! The beer tasting will take place in a cozy neighbourhood, on the edge of the city center. You wil learn some interesting things about beer in general, several sorts of Valencian beer and of course you can taste the beer as well!


During the Valencian beer tasting you are going to learn about the history of beer in general, the ingredients, the different types of beer and about various kinds of Valencian beer. The beers will be analysed on the basis of the Beer Flavor Wheel and the beeraromas and after that it is finally time to taste the beer. In total you get to taste 4 different kinds of Valencian beer. You will also get to taste a picoteo (a small bite). After that there is plenty of time for some nice and unique tips about (beer)cafes in Valencia that are certainly worth a visit.

Nice to know

The Valencian breweries increase quickly and therefore more and more cafes where you can taste the Valencian craft beer, open their doors. Valencian beer is trending, in more and more cafes you can find these beers with suprising labels.

Our enthusiastic beer expert Koen will take you to the world of Valencian beer. Koen doesn’t only know a lot about beer, he also has experience with the brewery process of beer. Nowadays, Koen has his own tap room ‘H2ÖL’ where he you can drink the best and most delicious beer which is brewed by Koen himself!


The Valencian beer tasting will take place in a cozy neighbourhood where the locals really like to spend their time. It is just outside the city center. With your reservation we will give you more information about the exact location.


The beer tasting will take about 1,5 hour.


Activity: Valencian beer tasting
Price: depends on the number of participants
Includes: Enthusiastic (English speaking) beer specialist Koen + tasting of four different Valencian beers + ‘picoteo’ (small bite)


– A beer tasting can be booked with a minimum of eight people.
– It is always possible to personalize the beer tasting. Based on your wishes we can make a selection of beers. For more information you can contact us.

How to book a beer tasting?

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