Estación del Norte

When you are visiting Valencia you should go to the beautiful train station Estación del Norte. It is one of the sights in the city centre and is located next to Plaza de Toros (bullfight stadium) and nearby Colon, the shopping street in Valencia. Estación del Norte is one of the most important stations in Valencia.

Estación, Estació, which one is it?

The Valencian people speak two languages: Spanish and Valencian. That is why you see both ‘Estación del Norte’ (Spanish) and ‘Estació del Nord’ (Valencian). So do not get confused and think that it are two different locations! The direct translation of Estación del Norte is ‘station of the north’, but actually the station is located southern.

A lot of details

Both inside and outside of the building are worth the look. Everywhere you look you will see a lot of details such as oranges, flowers and orange blossom. These figures symbolize the Valencian agriculture. Furthermore, at the top of the train station you see an eagle, this animal symbolizes the speed. Lovely if you want to see the visualized culture of Valencia or if you like hidden beauty!

Estación del Nord

In 1907, they started building the train station. Ten years later, in 1917, Estación del Nord was finally ready. The designer of the building is Demetrio Ribes and is one of the best architects Valencia ever had. The building has a lot of art styles. Once you have seen the amazing outside you go inside where you see more beautiful things, as mosaic, ceramics, wood, marble and glass. A funny thing to see are the authentic ticket boots, which are still in use! Other details are the mosaics with the text ‘pleasant journey’ in several languages next to the entrance doors.

The building is divided in two parts. One is the part where the authentic tickets boots are and the other part is the arrival and departure hall. Several restaurants and shops are located in that part, such as the ALE-HOP, Parfois and Natura.


In the future Estación del Nord should become a complete central station, where also AVE-high-speed trains should arrive. But as you maybe already expected; this can take a few years until it is ready. Especially for this period they built another train station. In 2010 Valencia JoaquínSorolla was opened and since then the high-speed train Madrid – Cuenca -Valencia arriving and departing over here.

Practical information

You can go with train to several Spanish destinations from Estación del Nord. For close destinations you take the ‘Cercanías’ train. If you go further, for example to Barcelona, you take the ‘Media Distancia. But remember: the high-speed train (AVE) has its departure at the other train station Joaquin Sorolla! With this high-speed you can go for example to Madrid in 1.5 hour.


Calle Xátiva 24
46007 Valencia


Do you plan to take the train in Valencia, or are you still looking for a way to transfer in the city? For more specific information about the train, take a look at this page.

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