Palau de la Música

Surrounded by palm trees, this outstanding concert hall is located in the green Turia Park. The pillars and the glass dome make the building unique and interesting to take a closer look at. We will tell you everything about the beautiful concert hall and its history!

Turia Park or Turia River?

You might hear both names often when people talk about the long green strip above the centre of Valencia. The reason why it is called a river and a park is because the Turia Park (which it is now called officially) used to be the Turia River. In 1957 this river flooded and reached a height of two or sometimes three meters in the old city centre. After that, they decided to drain the river and transform it into a park which was opened in 1986, 29 years after the flood.

Spanish design

Palau de la Música literally means ‘Palace of Music’ in Valencian. The building was opened in 1987, one year after the opening of the Turia Park and was designed by the Spanish architect Jose Maria de Garcia Paredes. Jose Maria designed several buildings in Spain and has won the National Architecture Award in 1956. The beautiful pond in front of the building filled with fountains is designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. Ricardo is known from the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona, the price of the city of Barcelona, because of the factory that he converted into his own architect studio. Did you know the fountains can move on the beat of the music that is played inside? You can definitely say the design and architecture has been in hands of professionals!


Besides the beautiful architecture, also the sound quality is very good too. It is even that good that well known conductor of music Mehta, piano-player Baranboim and soprano Caballé have given their praises to the acoustic of Palau de la Música. Also legend of opera Plácido Domingo is more than satisfied with the sound quality and called the palace a Stradivarius during his first concert.

Inside the palace

The palace has two halls: the Iturbi Hall and the Rodrifo Hall that together have capacity for 2,201 people. The main focus is classical and jazz music, but if you are looking for an exposition instead of a concert, you’re at the right place as well. Next to that, Palau de la Música is a great place for conferences or other business aimed events like presentations.

Come and visit!

Since events are organized a couple of times per month, it might be that Palau de la Música organizes a concert or exposition during your stay in Valencia. To visit one of the events would be a great opportunity to see the beautiful building from the outside and inside. Are you interested in visiting the concert hall? Take a look at their program!

Paseo de la Alameda 30
46023 Valencia


Rent a bike and explore the Turia Park by bike! The more than 9-kilometer long park has a lot to offer, including the impressive Palau de la Música.
– Visit the concert hall by night, when the glass dome is illuminated. The building might even be more spectacular now!
– Looking for a good spot for a picknick or just to relax? Palau de la Música is surrounded by lawns, which make it comfortable to enjoy your break with an amazing view on the palace with its fountains.
– Often on Sundays, Palau de la Música organizes free concerts!

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