If you like a beautiful city and sunny weather with great temperatures, Valencia is really worth visiting. Valencia has got a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. The weather in Valencia is good during all four seasons, which makes it a great destination to visit all year round.

Sunny weather in Valencia

Valencia has an average hour of sunshine of seven per day. Even in the colder winter months you can enjoy the sun. In Valencia you will have 87 cloudless days. But on the 217 days that there can be clouds there are also days without clouds. It seems that there are 58 cloudy days in Valencia. If you would like to have a look at the actual weather in Valencia or at the weather forecast in Valencia, click on weather Valencia.


There is not only much to see and to do in and around Valencia; the temperature is also very pleasant all year round. Even during the warmest months of the year, July and August, you feel a little sea breeze, what makes it a great holiday destination. In the city centre there are also a lot of high buildings which create some pleasant shadow places. The average temperature during the year is eighteen degrees, but in the summer it can be up to 30 degrees.

During the winter months, temperature is lower, but is doesn’t freeze and often there are still some hours of sun per day. During December and January there are only seven days of rain per month. Therefore it is sometimes even possible to enjoy the sun in the winter without wearing a jacket. Click on temperature in Valencia for more specific information related to the temperature in Valencia.

Water temperature & beaches

Valencia is located on the Costa Azahar coastal strip. There you will find some great beaches. The first beach that you will find is Las Arenas; this is a very popular beach for tourists. After Las Arenas you will find Malvarrosa and the last one is Patacona Beach. The last one is very popular among locals and has some great beach houses. The water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is very pleasant. During the summer the average degrees is between 23 and 25. Some years you can still go for a swim at the end of the month October or beginning of November. The temperature is about twenty degrees this time of the year. Between December and April we don’t recommend swimming in the sea. It is too cold this time of the year.


– If you want to combine culture, good food, a large variety of shops, friendly people with many hours of sun and a beautiful clean and broad beach, than choose Valencia as your holiday destination!
– There are during the winter months, compared to the summer months, less hours of sun, but you are still able to enjoy the sun during the these months. The weather in Valencia is in general very pleasant during the whole year.

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