Photography spots

Valencia is the perfect city to take breath taking pictures. It has a historical city centre, arty neighbourhoods, sand beaches for miles long and a lot of culture. Enough places to explore and to make memories for the rest of your life with your camera!

City of Arts and Sciences

This might be the most photographed site of Valencia: ‘La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’ as it is called in Spanish. The six impressive and mostly white buildings surrounded by clear water are one of a kind. For example, L’Hemisfèric, designed like an eye, gives unique pictures because of the reflection in the clear water. Do you like to take more minimalistic pictures with sharp lines? The Museum of Sciences has an angular design and the sharp lines can make your picture look like you were in a science fiction movie!

Jardines de Monforte

These historical gardens are definitely a hidden gem in Valencia. Jardines de Monforte is located nearby the well-known Turia Park, but the entrance might seem a bit hidden. Instead of an entrance, you will first notice a big wall that looks like an enclosure of private grounds. When you continue your way to Calle Monforte, you will find a small sign that will lead you into the gardens.

Right after entering the gardens, there is a perfect photography spot on your left hand. An overarching filled with Bougainvillea colours the gardens purple, especially at the end of the spring. The beautiful flowers start to bloom from May on, so visit the gardens in spring and summer for the most impressive pictures!

El Carmen

This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Valencia where you will find a lot of culture, art and history. Take a morning walk through the small and narrow streets with your camera to take stunning pictures when the sun is shining. There is some impressive street art in El Carmen, but because of the labyrinth of cosy streets, it might be hard to find. Go from Plaza de la Virgen through Calle Caballeros in the direction of Plaza Tossal where you will find the street art along the way.

Besides the street art, the Museum of Modern Art is located in El Carmen. If you like minimalistic and modern photography, this place is a must visit. The museum has several floors on which sculptures with wavy designs, paintings filled with colours, neon art and a lot more is presented. Do you prefer places with history and culture? Visit the old city walls Torres de Quart and Torres de Serranos. Also the square with the cathedral and basilica of Valencia: Plaza de la Virgen is a must see.

El Micalet

After visiting El Carmen, you are nearby El Micalet, the octagonal bell tower of the cathedral. This is one of the most visited monuments of the city and has been connected to the cathedral since the 15th century. The most beautiful pictures are taken after climbing more than 200 steps, at the top of the tower. Here you will be surprised by the amazing view on Valencia, especially with the sunset. The tower has small windows with grids, which can perfectly be used to take a unique picture from inside the tower overlooking the entire city with the sun going down behind it.

Do you want to know more about the city centre? Use our walking route that will lead you through unknown squares, highlights, monuments and good restaurants and bars. Here you will definitely find more good photography spots!

Port Saplaya

This small village along the beach is often called ‘Little Venice’ and is located in Alboraya, a municipality adjacent to the city Valencia. The name ‘Little Venice’ is often used because of the small harbour with a lot of sailing and fishing boats, surrounded by colourful small houses. Especially when the sun is shining, this village is the perfect photography spot. Tip: go to the corner with the traditional dark green lamppost. From this point on, you are able to oversee the most boats and houses in combination with the water, which make your picture complete!

Parque Natural Albufera

This natural park is definitely worth visiting if you love green surroundings, water and animals. It is located in the south of Valencia and can offer the perfect escape from the busy city life. We have made the Albufera Route in which you will find all the information about how to get there, recommendations for good restaurants, background information, funny facts and a lot more!

In Parque Natural Albufera you will find the biggest lake of Spain: the Albufera Lake. You can cross it over by boat, where you have an amazing view on the lake, the wildlife and the tall reeds while sailing through the calm water.

Furthermore, Albufera is well-known for its rice fields which you can find here throughout the entire year. If you visit Albufera in May, it might look a bit like Asia, since the rice fields are all watered. The park itself can be explored by foot or bike to find out the best spots for your pictures. Especially the dune area and the smaller lake ‘Estany del Pujol’ are beautiful to walk around and to find undiscovered spots with your camera.

Hungry after all the exploring? El Palmar is a small village which is well-known because of all its paella restaurants. The rice that grows in the rice fields of Albufera is used to make the paella here, so you won’t find it more fresh and authentic than in El Palmar! The paella is served in a big paella pan to share, which often is decorated with ingredients like prawns, mussels or rabbit. The presentation makes it worth to take a mouth-watering picture!


– Some of the places are not in walking distance, but perfectly reachable by bike. Rent a bike in our bike shop to go to the best photography spots!
– Visit the places by night or with sunset. You will get stunning pictures and the city looks totally different. The City of Arts and Sciences and El Carmen are illuminated and El Micalet and the Albufera Lake are beautiful with the sunset.
– Not lucky with the weather but still in the mood to take pictures? Visit museums like the Science Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Almoina Museum or the Almudín. You will see that also inside places offer a lot of possibilities to take your perfect picture!

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