Are you visiting Valencia and would you like to go shopping? Then you might want to know where you can find the well known shops in Valencia, but maybe as well some other interesting shops.

Well known clothes shops

Of course it is nice to discover small local shops in Valencia, but you might want to visit as well some well known shops in Valencia. In the historical centre of Valencia and in different shopping malls you can find well known shops as:

Paseo de Ruzafa 18
Calle Don Juan de Austria 3
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 26
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)
Calle de la Rambla de El Saler 16
Avenida de Pío XII (nuevo centro)

Foot Locker
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 7
Calle de la Rambla de El Saler 16
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)

Calle de Cristóbal Colón 34
Autopista El Saler 16 (El Saler)

Jack & Jones
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 35
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)

Calle de Cristóbal Colón 23

Levi’s Store
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)
Calle del Almirante Roger de Lauria 22

Calle de Cristóbal Colón 31
Calle de Don juan de Austria 7
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)
Calle del Profesor Beltrán Bàguena 5

Massimo Dutti
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 9
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)
Calle de Don juan de Austria 4
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)
Calle de Pérez Báyer 11

Pull & Bear
Calle de Don juan de Austria 4
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 15
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)

Calle de Cristóbal Colón 11
Calle de Cristóbal Colón 44
Calle del Bisbe 16
Avenida de Pío XII 2-4-6 (nuevo centro)
Calle de Ruzafa 20
Calle Menorca 19 (centro comercial Aqua)
Calle de la Rambla de El Saler 16

Shopping Centres (“Centros comerciales”)

In Valencia you can also find several shopping centres. You could reach these shopping malls easily by bus, metro or taxi. In these shopping centres you can find a large variety of shops. Some shopping centres are even open on Sundays or holidays. For the specific opening hours and facilities you could have a look on their websites (only in Spanish).

Interesting shops

The bigger well known shops are always easier to find than the smaller and special local shops. Over here you can find a list of some interesting shops in Valencia.


Loreak is a versatile clothes shop for women and is located on the crossroads of calle Conde Altea and calle Joaquín Costa. The owners are friendly and helpfull and there is a large variety of clothes and the prices vary. If you are looking for a comfortable jeans, a basic blouse, an elegant dress or a fancy skirt, you might want to have a look in Loreak.


Joaquín Costa 11

Yo Solito
Yo Solito is a clothes shop for children from 0 till 10 years old. This shop offers modern clothes for children and is really worth visiting if you are looking for some fancy children clothes.

Calle Sorní 16

Cosas de Chicas
Cosas de chicas (things for girls) is a great shop where you can buy all kinds of things for girls. Besides trendy clothes you will also find jewelry, bags, belts and much more. It is a very colorful shop that is definitely worth a visit.

Calle Conde Altea 3


Rico Tomas, A.
Rico Tomas, A. Is a small delicacies shop located at the beginning of calle Cádiz, a street in the district Ruzafa. You can find different types of embutidos (prepared meat products), cheeses, ham, fruit, wines and many more products.

Calle Cádiz 1

Opera Prima
In Opera Prima you can find a large offer of trendy delicacies, but also very beautiful decoration. The delicacies are packed in beautiful pots, sacks and bottles.

Calle Corregeria 9

Homeware & Furniture

Artikel offers modern as well as classical articles for at home or in the garden. For example you can buy a stylish garden lantern, a design plate, but also for beautiful candles or amazing imitation flowers you can have a look in this shop.

Isabel la Catolica 7


Baladre is a flowershop located in the beautiful Mercado de Colón. Besides many terraces you will find some shops in Mercado Colón. Baladre offers many different kinds of plants and flowers, from roses till olivetree and from lantern till a design pot.

Mercado de Colón

Skateworld offers everything related to skating, surfing and snowboarding. Besides the huge offer of clothes, shoes and bags, you can also find attributes as for example a surfboard.

Calle Comedias 14
Calle Moratín 7

Majose’s shop is beautiful, from the outside as well as from the inside and a great smell as soon as you open the door. Majose’s “Pastelería Creativa”, or creative bakery is really worth visiting if you like cookies, cake etc. You will find here the most amazing and creative cookies and they taste great. A beautiful decorated, very nice eatable work of art cookie could serve as a small present for someone. Furthermore you can find here other different delicacies.

Calle Trafalgar 48


If you would like to go to a specific shop in Valencia and you want to know the address of the shop, you can have a look on this website.

Keep in mind that some smaller shops in the city centre and shops outside the centre of Valencia can be closed between 14.00-17.00. After 17.00 the shops open again till 20.00/21.00.

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