Top 10 things to do in Valencia

Valencia has a lot to offer; many monuments, a huge park, a beautiful beach and a lot of activities. But what are the best things to do? In case you are in Valencia for only a few days, you would not see everything in the city. To make it a little bit easier for you Once Upon a Bike made a top 10 to do in Valencia for you.

1. Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias

This is one of the things you must visit when you are in Valencia; la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, or in English ‘the City of Arts and Sciences’. The city consists of six buildings, which are the Oceanografic, L’Hemisferic, L’Umbracle, Museo de las Ciencias, Palau de les Arts and Agora. These beautiful big white and blue buildings are designed by Santiago Calatrava. Between the buildings is a lot of water, which looks amazing and when it is a sunny and warm day you may feel the urge to jump into this water (but unfortunately it is forbidden to do that). The City of Arts and Sciences is a nice photography spot, so grab your phone and take a lot of pictures of the buildings and yourself! Tip: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is located outside the city centre, so if you want to discover this city in the best way you can do, it is recommended to hire a bike! For more information about Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, see this page.

Do you want to see more monuments, buildings and sights in one bike tour? We offer a bike tour (with a delicious surprise included!) with one of our enthusiastic tour guides. During this tour, we take you along the must-sees of Valencia, as the Turia Park and the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. You will get to know stories behind the buildings and sights and there is also a little break at the terrace in the Turia Park for a drink!


2. Cathedral de Valencia

Beautiful on the outside, but for sure worth the effort to see this cathedral on the inside as well. The entrance of the Catedral of Valencia is located at Plaza de la Reina and you cannot miss this, because the building is huge! When you are in Valencia we recommend you to visit this amazing cathedral in the historic centre of the city. And afterwards you can enjoy a drink at one of the many terraces at Plaza de la Reina or Plaza de la Virgen (which is at the other side of the cathedral). These squares are also worth it to visit. For more information go to Cathedral.


3. Turia Park

The biggest city park of Europe is the Turia Park. This park is nine kilometres long and is open for everyone. Before it became a park, this place was a river, but due to a flooding in 1957 they created a park of the former river. There is a lot to do in the Turia park; you can walk, sport, have a pick nick or the kids can play at one of the many playgrounds. There are also a few terraces where you can enjoy a drink in between de lovely palm trees with the sun in your face. If you want to combine a day in the park with another activity you could go to one side for the Bioparc (zoo) or the other side for the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

Turia Park

4. Boat trip in nature park Albufera and Paella luch

A bit south from Valencia is the beautiful nature park Albufera located. In this park is a huge lake (the biggest one in Spain) where you can have a boat trip. Next to Albufera is the little village El Palmar located, where the well-known paella was first originated. In this village you can enjoy this dish between the rice fields. When you are in Valencia it is a good idea to visit this wonderful place. For more information we have our Albufera excursion or you can book directly on this page.


5. Flamenco dance workshop

It is a typical Spanish dance style; Flamenco. Do you want to see and learn the basics of the Flamenco? We offer a one hour during workshop with a professional flamenco dancer. She will teach you and your friend(s) or colleagues the basics of this beautiful and expressive Spanish dance. And we promise; it is not that hard, you can do it! Besides, you will have a lot of fun. For more info see Flamenco workshop or book directly.

6. Beach

With around 300 sunny days in Valencia the chance is big you can enjoy a day at the beach. Valencia has got a beautiful, clan and broad beach where you can enjoy a walk or just lay down at one of the sunbeds (in summer season). Did you know that there are even days in April/May and September/October (and if you are lucky even November!) that you are able to enjoy the sun on the beach? Besides, you can stroll over the boulevard, where you can have a drink in one of the many restaurants. Get to know more about the beach in Valencia at this page.


7. Tapastour

Spain is famous of its delicious tapas. When you are in Valencia you must taste the patatas bravas or the ham croquettes with Jamón Ibérico. But where do you find the best tapas bars or restaurants that locals like the most? There are many restaurants, so to make it a bit easier for you to find tapas bars where the Valencian people go to, then a tapas tour with Once Upon a Bike can be recommended.


8. Jamon Iberico at taberna Jamon Jamon

As said at number 7 (tapas tour) you should really try Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. For the high quality ham you could go to taberna JamonJamon. The people over here have the knowledge about the ham and how to cut it. This type of ham is more expensive, but if you try a slice, you will understand why. The address of taberna JamonJamon is Calle Bolseria 36.


9. Mercado Central

The biggest market hall in Europe is the Mercado Central in Valencia. In Mercado Central (central market) you find many Valencian or Spanish delicacy and fresh produce, such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Not only the food is amazing, also the building is. On the walls and the ceiling are many details, as oranges or other Valencian symbols.

mercado central

10. La Lonja

A sight that many people do not know, but where the Valencian people are proud of; Lonja de la Seda (La Lonja). Earlier La Lonja used to be a silk market and since 1996 this building is part of the UNESCO monument list. It is recommended to visit this historical building. The entrance if €2,00 and €1,00 for groups, students and pensioners. On Sunday you can enter for free! For more information, as opening hours and the address see Lonja de la Seda.

la lonja

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